Do you know socks aren’t an all-year-round accessory to wear? You can safely skip them in the summer. Do you know you shouldn’t be rolling up the cuffs of Khaki pants to your calves like clam diggers unless you actually are digging clams? Well, these and so many fashion rules men ignore or might be unaware of.

So, gentlemen, if you want to stay in style each day and even make heads turn, you should take care of a few fashion tricks. They will not only make you look dashing, but also leave an impression that you know how to dress. Thinking of shopping for some new stuff for your wardrobe? Here is your chance to fill your shopping cart without emptying your wallet. Use JCPenney discount codes and get your favorite clothes at marvelous prices.

Fashion Tips

  1. Wear clothes that fit. They should not look as if you are inside a tent (so loose) or as if you are stuffed inside the garment (so tight). Are you able to snug a finger between your neck and collar while wearing a fully-buttoned shirt? If yes, then this is the right fit.

  2. Love wearing striped shirts and striped ties? Well, just make sure that stripes of your tie are bolder than the stripes of your shirt. The tie should always stand out.

  3. Bulging pants pockets are an eyesore. So, find some other place to put your ink pen, cell phone, and eyewear. Avoid putting them all together in one pocket!

  4. If your jeans become baggy at the knees or appear soiled, DON’T wear them. They are not cool. Wash them first.

  5. Always get suits tailored. Pants and shirts should also be tailored. Though today, you can get shirts and trousers in stores in different sizes, but no compromise on suits.

  6. Dress-pants with big pleats make your pants balloon at the waist, making you look shorter. Keep the pleats small.

  7. If you want to roll up the sleeves, do them on your flannels and button ups. Exposed forearms in a well-fitted shirt look attractive.

  8. Invest in a nice blazer in black or dark navy with quality fabric. It should be the staple of every fashionable men’s wardrobe.

  9. Every man should have two suits in his wardrobe – one in dark charcoal and the other in navy blue. These two colors never go out of style. You can pair these suits with a shirt of any color and tie and they will keep you trendy in all seasons.

  10. You may swear by your blacks, grays, and browns, but guys, please wear some color too. Shades of yellows, greens, reds, and, of course, pinks are waiting for you to try them. Flaunt geometrical patterns, tiny polka dots, and tiny prints and designs. Avoid big florals though. And please, reserve the gym clothes only for the gym!

When talking of clothes, can we forget shoes? Footwear can make or break your look. You may wear the best-tailored suit, but if your shoes are worn out, dirty or ill-fitting, your look crashes.

Thumb rule of shoes

Keep them sparkling clean.

Fashion tips for shoes and accessories

  • Match your shoes and belts

  • What’s fashion without a watch, eh? A watch adds class to your look.

  • Invest in a pair of classic sunglasses.

Keep yourselves groomed. Clean those nails. Style your hair. Keep your beard trimmed and conditioned.

Skin care isn’t for women alone. Keep your skin clean and moisturized. Pamper your skin once in a while with a facial or a face mask. Invest in suitable skin care products designed for men.

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