1Fichier is the file-hosting that allows the users of the internet to use a variety of tools under one platform. In this, the user can download the file, upload the file and share the file according to your requirements. It is very 1fichier safe to use. A user can use and can anytime open his/her file whenever he/she wants to use it without any problem.

It can be accessed for any files whether it is a video, audio, images or any other type without any type of restrictions. With the help of the coming of Fichier, it became very easy to store every file without any availability of memory card, pen drive, hard disk, etc. as you can store it online with the help of Fichier.

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How to use Fichier

It is very easy to use the 1fichier you just need to register on it. For registration, it will ask you your email id which will also be your username and you just need to enter the password and qualify the captcha and you get logged in. This much process is required to create the 1fichier account.



Plans and Pricing of 1Fichier account

1Fichier.com the account is offering 4 different types of account that are:-

  1. Anonymous
  2. Registered User
  3. Access User
  4. Premium User

All the users are not having the same kinds of availability according to the charges they are getting the facilities. Like, free users will not access many things that the premium users can access.

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 Plans Description

Anonymous Registered Access Premium
Download Speed Very Limited Limited Unlimited Unlimited
CDN Credits Optionally Available 0 0 100 GB per month
Ads Yes Yes No No
Storage Not given 1TB 1TB Unlimited
Captcha Yes NO No No
Priority Download No No Yes Yes
Size of the file received 5GB 50GB 100GB 100GB
Pause/ Resume download No No Yes Yes
Additional Download Manager Not available Not available Available Available
Size of sent files 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB 100 GB
Parallel/ Simultaneous Downloads No
IP Verification No No Yes Yes
Price Free Free 1€ per month


10€ per year

3€ per month


30€ per year


How to pay for 1Fichier account

There are many options available to pay for the 1fichier premium account because at many places people are not aware of the other options.

You can pay for it through Paypal and if you do not use Paypal then there is another option of Bitcoin and if you do not use Bitcoin also than the easiest option is directly Bank Transfer which is an easy option for everyone. More options are available for the payment.

Three Options are:-

  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer

What is CDN?

CDN refers to Content Delivery Network which is a very interesting and useful feature of 1Fichier. In this feature, Fichier gives the facility of transferring/sharing the file to the user. You just need to select the person you want to send the file and automatically the Fichier sends the file to that person with very high speed.

In this one better feature is present there that the registered user gets the 10GB data space for the use of CDN. For the premium user, 100GB monthly is also given. The person who wants to send some extra-large files has to pay 1€ for 100GB.

1 fichier

Security Facility of Fichier

Fichier security is highly powerful as the data should not be out in any case. That is why the company has worked on its security very seriously otherwise, no one will believe in this file hosting. The company has put a very highly advance type of software which is not possible to be broken by anyone with any type of hacking technique. So, 1 Fichier safe.

One better thing about its securities facility is that no one could be able to access your data or file. Until and unless you give them the authority to access it and 1 Fichier.com never shares or sells your data with anyone at any cost.

File Uploading Options of Fichier

1Fichier has given several types of options to upload the file in an easy and fast way. The option includes upload via the web, Upload by upload manager and the safest way FTP upload.

Three options are:-

  • Web Upload
  • Upload Manager
  • FTP Upload

Customer Service Support of Fichier:-

1 Fichier provides 24-hour service features. So, you just need to contact the help desk team by just posting and email ticket on the official website or by the different social media accounts. You will get the response by the team of Fichier in some time after submitting the email ticket.

1 Fichier server and network

Fichier servers are located in different countries and regions like in France and Holland. This system has provided different- different servers for every type of user (registered, access, premium users) so that each user gets according to the given plan of the facilities. By this, the burden and traffic also get a divide between the users and not much load comes to one particular server.

1Fichier secures all the data which is sent by the network by IPv4 and if they need more security than they also use IPv6 and SSL facility.


In my suggestion, you should always prefer the premium account of 1Fichier. It is so because you get the extra features and the amount you pay for it is also not too much. So, the amount they charge from you for the premium account is very less according to the facilities they are providing to you.

Fichier also provides every service which is far better than the other file hosting service providers. So, only they have become the best among all the other service providers of file hosting service. One best thing given by 1Fichier is that it is ready to refund the amount. The amount it refunds to its premium user if any problem occurs in it. So, you can easily believe the Fichier because you can claim for refund if any type of problem occurs which could not be solved by the Fichier team members.

Visit the 1fichier Premium Account



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