With the advent of technology, there has been a shift from the traditional to the modern way of learning. While discussing the modern methods of learning, e-learning content authoring tools come into the picture!

E-learning Content Authoring Tool is a software that allows a person or a business to build and organize content into a well-patterned course structure. This course structure can be transported to various types of multimedia.

In this article, we will give you a list of the best e-learning content authoring tools for the year 2020.

  1. ADOBE CAPTIVATE: Adobe tops the list for providing the best software and business solutions. In the area of e-learning, Adobe has made it to the top of this list through its high-quality e-learning authoring tool called Adobe Captivate. The software is friendly for both Windows and Mac computers. It has some fantastic features to create content through the use of HTML and responsive design. The software has a great support system with some other exceptional features.
  1. ELUCIDAT: Elucidat is a web-based system that simplifies the creation of learning resources easy. Its built-in page template editor helps in choosing a theme and adjust it according to personal requirements. There are a lot of built-in themes in the software. However, new themes can be created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It has got a straightforward interface with lots of features for content designing.
  1. ARTICULATE 360: Articulate 360 has been specially curated to suit mobile devices. The software helps in creating interactive and visual courses for every device. It contains a library of themes which are tailored for different uses. Also, the best part about the software is that a person does not require any prior technical experience for creating a course.
  1. SHIFT: Shift eLearning is a web-based eLearning content authoring tool. It’s specially designed to help create powerful e-learning resources systematically and speedily. It offers a wide array of around 400+ screen templates to choose from, utilizing both HTML5 and Adobe Flash. The best part of the software is its one-push feature which helps it to fit into a variety of devices.
  1. LECTORA INSPIRE: One of the oldest e-learning authoring tools which are running its seventeenth version is Lectora Inspire. This software requires a little more scripting experience than some other software. With this software, a variety of courses can be created. This software is straightforward to use and consists of some advanced graphics libraries.
  1. GOMO: Gomo is a cloud-based authoring tool that enables users to create web-style content. The courses created via GOMO can be viewed online through the web, or offline using the Gomo app. Since it is a cloud-based authoring tool, it offers greater flexibility than other desktop tools. It also provides users with the ability to provide multi-language courses.
  1. DOMINKNOW ONE: DominKnow ONE software puts together its traditional authoring tool Claro with DominKnow Flow for responsive authoring, screen capture, and simulation capabilities. It has a typical Microsoft look and feel. It works really well at creating mobile-responsive content and is very beneficial for teams to use while they are working together.

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According to us, these are the leading eLearning content authoring tools that will best cater to your needs. Out of the options mentioned here, you can choose the one that best suits your business objectives.

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