You often wonder why your energy levels are low and every time you look in the mirror you see no progress.

Fat is accumulating around your waist and you have just enough energy to get your butt off the couch.

And forget about working out.

  • Your healthy habit strategy comes from the “isles of bliss”, you reach for everything that says… low-fat.
  • Low-fat chips, cream cheese, pasta, you name it, if it says low fat, it’s bound to end up in your shopping cart.
  • And your mouth.
  • That’s where your problems begin.
  • Fat, including saturated fat, is not your enemy.
  • It’s your ally in your fat loss goals.

The benefits of saturated fat

Coconut Secret does a great job highlighting excerpts from Weston A. Price and the roles of hydrogenated fat and cholesterol.

“Your body makes both hydrogenated fats and cholesterol – approximately 2000 mg per day. As an antioxidant, cholesterol protects us against free radical damage that leads to heart disease and cancer. Cholesterol is the body’s repair substance, manufactured in large amounts when the arteries are irritated or structurally weak. The body’s natural healing substance then steps in to repair the damage – and that substance is cholesterol!”

Saturated fat is not evil.

It is the type of hydrogenated fats you consume and if it’s consumed with or replaced by starch and sugar.

Not to mention your sedentary lifestyle.

Saturated fat has several benefits:

    • Stronger bones: Hydrogenated fat is necessary for calcium to be effectively used in your bones. That’s why women who reduce saturated fat intake begin to lose bone mass. It’s a downward spiral from there. Or an upward spiral if we begin talking about prescription bills.
    • Healthy brain: We can agree a healthy brain is a healthy you. Our brains are primarily made of fat and cholesterol. Crazy, right? When you cut your intake of saturated fat you’re robbing your brain from raw materials that help it function.
  • Improves cardiovascular risks: You won’t see this plastered on the news channels but saturated fat is crucial to your cardiovascular health. Saturated fat reduces your levels of lipoprotein (a), which correlates to higher risks of heart disease. It also raises your HDL levels, which is deemed as the “good cholesterol.”

Where to go from here

Hydrogenated fat is no longer a mystical creature that is destined to harm you in some way.

Avoiding it is a trap that got popularized through the media many years ago and you were the victim. You bought into it!

But you’re now going to change the way you think.


Start with these simple nutritional changes:

  1. Drastically cut your intake of sugar and gluten
  2. Start adding grass-fed butter to your veggies
  3. Begin buying nutrient-dense grass-fed meat with quality saturated fat profiles

You don’t have to change your habits overnight.

Starting with these 3 small changes will help give you a boost in the right direction.

I also highly recommend seeking more help if you can. The added guidance speeds things up.



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