In a world inundated with different products competing for the “best gift” title, it is no doubt that finding the number-one present can be very challenging. Gift giving has been around ever since the beginning of life on Earth. We offer gifts as a thoughtful gesture to exchange wishes on special occasions, to show gratitude and appreciation, to offer peace, or just a simple act to show that we care even if there’s no particular occasion to celebrate. Whether it be your family, friends, or special someone, it’s always fulfilling to give something that you know they’d keep and cherish for a long time. But the question is, what could that gift be? 

Opposed to the ubiquitous mass-produced products in the market, we believe that personalised items are getting more and more exposure in the past years. Personalisation in retail is considered as the latest development in online marketing though the practice is as old as the concept of retail itself. This means that personalising items has existed for a long time now. But regardless of its longevity in the market, people are still patronising the value of customised products because, psychologically speaking, we are all influenced by the idea of “personalised experience” that somehow allows us to indulge our desire for control. With personalised experience, we are not just getting what everyone else is getting but we’re actually getting something tailored to us. And with that, personalised items make people feel more in control. That could be the utmost reason these items make the greatest presents. Let’s try to discuss a few more reasons below: 

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Builds a stronger personal connection.

When you give a personalised gift to someone, it shows how your present speaks from your heart. That the recipient is the only person you imagined of the whole time you were trying to look for the best present. It’s not just a random item from the store shelf but a personalised stubby holder or whatever that becomes a symbol of your unbreakable bond.      

Fits any occasion. 

Neither for birthdays alone or wedding anniversaries, but a personalised item can be perfect for any occasion ‒ Christmas, Thanksgiving, Bridal Shower, Getting Hired, or Just Because ‒  you name it.   

Makes a memorable present.

A personalised gift provides a galore of memories for a lifetime. Just by simply knowing that your present is specially tailored to the person makes them think of keeping it forever.    

Counts the thought. 

We all know that when it comes to gift-giving, it’s always the thought that counts. But the fact that you went an extra mile to put creativity and personal touch to the present makes it more thoughtful of you. And that gives a special impact to that person that will urge them to love your present more than any other gifts in the world just because of the thought that the gift is given straight from your heart to theirs. 

Suits all ages and genders. 

Personalised gifts work for everyone. Whether they’re kids or oldies, boys or girls, sure they’ll love a present that features something meaningful such as their names, birthstones, or photos. A personalised gift doesn’t only pertain to items with imprinted names. These days, there are several creative ways to customise presents. Check out this link for more creatively-personalised gift ideas for your loved ones:      


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