Tradition is conventional; it is unchangeable; it is to not to be sidelined but abided by with heart and soul. We get it, but certain shades of life need a little twist and turn to its pre-existing tradition, and one of them is cake. The thought of cutting a cut only on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other celebratory occasions seems daunting sometimes, what if we want more of this grand tradition. Plus it’s motivating and happening too. Let’s shake this burden off our shoulders and incorporate the idea of cutting a cake as something symbolic of improvement and moving on to growth and light.

Suck it up whatever you think has gone tragically wrong and get cake delivery in Jaipur or whichever place that you are residing. When the below mentioned or anything else happens that beautifies or disrupts your happening life.

  • A breakup

What a sad time it is when you break up with who you thought was the love of your life. You must have cut cakes on your anniversaries, don’t break the line and continue by cutting cake post break up. Has your relationship been a plain and organic one you can have a vanilla cake and if you were the hot chocolaty couple, then there’s no doubt your option is chocolate cake. You gotta make it fun and not ritualistic of course.

  • A proposal went wrong.

It’s one thing to cut a cake after you have broken up and a whole other if you can’t even reach the first step of the ladder, that is to propose to the girl or guy you adore. It is definitely a total whack job to stand up to someone and confess your heart out, and we sympathise with you. But what’s the big deal you still got your boys, cut a cake with them.

  • Not friends with friends anymore

It’s okay if misunderstandings pave your way before love does and it does draw lines between relationships at times. Don’t let sorrow house your heart instead move on and cut a cake to respect the time you spent together and wishing good luck ahead even if you preceded on different paths. Keep it simple; wish no harm to anyone. It’s all on good terms.

  • Moving out

Moving in a celebratory experience and is sure a thunder, the feel of doing the unconventional. Now that it is getting over, it is heartbreaking, but it is a head-on start to a newer and better journey. Have your friends with you use their shoulder to cry on and prepare to leave behind the saddening past but do remember to take along the cherished memories. Remember, you have come out stronger and happier.

  • Nothing to do on Valentine

There’s nothing as grand as Valentine for the lovey-dovey couples out there. If you are still riding the single swing, you don’t want to lose the hang of it because honestly the faces of people who are in relationships that you desire don’t exactly look as appealing as it does in movies. Enjoy your time till you are still single the ship will soon sail and then you will know.

  • Didn’t do well in a presentation

It is not just daunting but embarrassing when you fail to answer your boss. The counter questions your boss does that intend to check your confidence and calibre sometimes backfire, and you end up fumbling and making a fool out of yourself. Don’t take much load and cut a cake to bring your consciousness back to normal and step out of the scare bubble you just entered.

Things look bad because we have been programmed to vision it that way. Change the perception and come out stronger of every hurdle you face. Any which way you will one day excel and laugh thinking of these times you were once having a nothing like nothing less than a stud.


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