Getting along with others is not such a simple thing and often it is really difficult to predict how the relationships will evolve and which will be the people with whom you will get the most agreement and those with whom, instead, you will not succeed in establish anything. The affinity between people is something extremely delicate that can depend on the character, on the way in which one is posed, on the experiences lived but also on what is normally defined as sympathy for the skin or that in other cases can show itself as antipathy.

What is certain is that at the base there is a certain influence on the part of the stars that makes some zodiac signs more compatible than with others and this can happen in different areas such as work, friendship or sentimental.

Today, therefore, after having seen what are the characteristics of those born under the sign of Scorpio and what kind of mothers are the women of the zodiac, we will discover how the Scorpion (sign of the month) is related to the other signs of the zodiac. Given that these are relationships, in order to have a feedback as precise as possible, in the council it is also to check the profiles of the ascendants to understand in a deeper way the possible affinities with the other signs.

Scorpio – Aries

Scorpio and Aries are two similar signs in some ways but different in terms of objectives and character shades. Both passionate and fiery, they can end up colliding more easily than you think and this although they have the potential to do a lot together. In friendship they seem to look towards a common horizon but the truth is that they see different colors that in their relationship will always make the difference. Both linked to the concept of friendship will never be found on the same line because the natives of Scorpio have an ideal so high that those of Aries cannot reach them. Nevertheless, if they engage, they can create a dynamic relationship, certainly never boring and able to bring out the best of both.

At work things are a bit different because they manage to collaborate in synergy, obtaining discrete successes precisely because of what they have in common and the differences that lead them to intervene in different points of the projects they share.

As for love, the differences that have already emerged can be the source of clashes that are also heated but at the same time advocates of a passionate relationship that is always alive, which is important for both signs that hold a lot to the quality of a relationship that can constantly renew itself. Also, in this case, once the balance is found they can give life to a duo able to function.

Scorpio – Toro

Scorpio and Toro are signs that can go particularly well and if at the base there is a sincere friendship, they can complement each other, going to make up for the gaps of the other in a well-articulated teamwork. As friends they work quite well, provided you know how to tolerate basic differences and not judge each other. Perfect in teamwork they can carry on practically eternal friendships if they do their best.

At work, things can go differently and the situations in which they find themselves often play an important role. If on the one hand they can easily get to the battle, on the other they also know how to cooperate in complete tranquillity, moving almost automatically and without having to plan everything.

As for love, instead, these two signs are found at opposite points of the zodiac and this, if on the one hand involves a deep compatibility, on the other it is often the cause of clashes because both are so different that it is difficult to find a meeting point and even when they succeed the moments of tension do not pass. Nevertheless, the attraction between them can be very strong as well as the strength and determination that they manage to bring out in the most difficult moments can be excellent.

Scorpio – Gemini

These two signs of the zodiac, although profoundly different, tend to have qualities that the other lacks or which they think they want to have. For this reason, most of the time, they tend to admire each other and to get along rather well, especially when it comes to having fun together. Both loyal, they are different. Those born under the sign of Scorpio will in fact tend to be more precise and “fixed” than Gemini who instead tend to take things a little as they come. What is certain is that together they do not run the risk of getting bored, which in both cases often causes problems in interpersonal relationships.

At work, if they find the right synergy and manage to divide roles equally, they can do a lot and work in harmony, even showing a certain balance, so as to bring them to success.

In love, instead, the differences that distinguish them tend to be noticed with greater force, leading to heated discussions and problems that are sometimes difficult to solve. A real shame if you think that together these two signs can go to a lot and that a little commitment on both sides is enough to be able to smooth the corners and find a balance able to make them progress as a couple. A goal that only if motivated by a great feeling will be able to reach.

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Scorpio – Cancer

Scorpio and Cancer are two signs that have many aspects in common, especially if we talk about values. Friendship between them is therefore a precious asset and able to function well. Both extremely loyal, they know how to easily find meeting points, focusing on family and feelings that are the things they care about most. In the same way they know how to complement each other by giving life to a duo in constant evolution. The only problem is the stubbornness that distinguishes both and that in case of clashes can lead them to quarrels without an end and able to change the balance between them.

For the same reason, a working collaboration can be a bit shaky and not always suitable, especially due to the laziness of the natives of Cancer that clashes with the precision craze of those born under the sign of Scorpio.

Finally, as far as love is concerned, these two signs seem made to be together. Both know how to turn on the feeling and find a meeting point. Even the attraction between them can work great and, combined with the desire to live focusing on the family, together let them know how to form a compact and united duo, ready to fight for the achievement of every goal.

Scorpio – Leo

The natives of Scorpio and Leone are both endowed with very strong characters and this can lead to great confrontations between them. Both in fact aim to be leaders, albeit in different ways, and this makes them in some ways incompatible. If you remove this you can say that at the base have several elements that can work if combined together. Nevertheless, a friendship between them will always be a little on the cutting edge.

At work things go a bit differently and if they find themselves in different jobs, they can create a functional collaboration that can improve the position of both. If they are in competition, instead, the war between them will be ruthless and endless.

Going to love, instead, if the passion is strong there are different chances of success, especially if both decide to come together trying to understand the needs of the other. If this does not happen the risk of a bad break after a dynamic and tension-charged relationship is high. It all depends on how they decide to manage things once their paths have crossed.

Scorpio – Virgo

The relationships between Scorpio and Virgo are often complicated because of their essentially different temperaments and the way of understanding life that is often in contrast. That said, these are two signs that if they manage to reach their own balance, they can get along absolutely, compensating each other for the shortcomings they have and possibly enhancing each one’s strengths. The problem arises when contrasts arise which in some cases can become so strong as to lead to the end of each relationship.

At work, the agreement seems better because they both know how to focus on accuracy, finding each one’s role and following it to the letter. Therefore, they do not need many words to function but silent cooperation based on established rules.

As far as love is concerned, the two signs are rather complementary and able to give life to a solid and compact duo, made of understanding from every point of view. If at the base there is an important feeling, the two signs will go from love and agreement, overcoming without any problems any misunderstandings to which they will slowly learn to find new solutions. Want to know about your relationship?! Here is a great chance to Talk with Astrologer in order to know the solution to every problem with effective remedies.


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