In today’s digital world, monitoring kids’ phone activity is requisite because they spend excessive hours on smartphones and thus become more vulnerable to online threats.

Using the parental control app, you can keep tabs on your child’s web tasks and control their media hours.

So, today, we are going to explore some of the best child monitoring app that helps children to cut down their immoderate screen time.

What Is Screen Time App?

It is an application that monitors the kid’s internet activities and set reminders for them to follow the schedule of accessing web services.

When you find your hyperconnected child spending immoderate hours on their device screen, it is mandatory to curb their internet browsing habits and overall smartphone usage.

Prolonged media hours can adversely affect a child’s overall growth. And a few pressing issues include:

  • Decrease concentration power – results in a lower academic scorecard
  • Eating and sleeping disorder
  • Fatigue and lack of physical power
  • Habituate teens for a sedentary lifestyle that causes problems like obesity
  • Triggers anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts and much more.

No parents will let their kids suffer from distressing virtual life, and hence, smart parents lend their choice to kids’ safety applications.

Let us take a glance at a few good parental control software to help your children combat digital issues.

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7 Best Screen Time Control Apps

  • Time Schedule – Bit Guardian Parental Control

Bit Guardian is a parental control app for android that enables parents to restrict and monitor a child’s digital tasks.

Here, there is no restriction in adding several children. You can easily manage all of your kid’s virtual affairs simultaneously with a single login.

While talking about curbing a child’s excessive screen time, this app offers Time Schedule and App Time Limit tools.

Time Schedule enables in setting curfew hours on multiple applications that your kid uses.

Say, for example, if your children are spending the wee hours on gaming apps, you can fix the start and end period for their controlled and effective use.

You can even set a bedtime for kids that will shut the running app on the child’s phone.

App time Limit allows you to schedule access to different apps during the day. You can make a group of similar apps and predefine timings for that particular group.

Say, for example, cluster all social media portals like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. in one folder and place the hours for a child’s usage.

Here, you can set specific minutes or hours where a child can use that amount of time for accessing individual or group apps.

Additionally, this child monitoring software offers other functions also to organize the digital realm of teens.

  • GPS: It follows your teens on the road and keeps a watch on their driving speed.
  • App and Call Blocker: This function blocks the inappropriate(dating and gambling apps) and unnecessary or time-consuming applications (social media).

This parental control software also has a call blocker to stop unknown and spam callers from calling or harassing your children.

  • Anti-theft: If your adolescent loses their phone or if it gets stolen, you can recover it using Anti-Theft. It also has a Factory Reset tool to save the misuse of data.
  • Panic and SOS alert: During emergencies, these features turn into a blessing where one click of a button can save your child’s life. It also enables you to add guardians that will protect children in your absence.
  • App Install Blocker: It refrains teens from downloading unnecessary new apps that add up their phone space needlessly.
  • Our Pact:

It blocks kids’ internet access manually or as per the set timings. It also has an app restriction tool and remote access feature and it can manage 20 devices.

OurPact provides block texting, family locator, and Geofence tools to manage kid’s digital tasks.

  • Moment:

It restricts teens from downloading and installing unwanted software on their devices.

With this child monitoring software, parents can measure the hours spent on different apps, establish screen-free time, and attend coaching sessions to balance the real and virtual life of kids.

However, it has bugs that buzz the notifications and sometimes depict the wrong timings.

  • Unglue:

This software is designed to allow kids accessing the internet with reasonable restrictions. It is simple to use and offers few tools to:

  • Keep track of a child’s digital activities
  • Set the screen hours limit
  • Incorporate app blockers
  • Monitor games and social media apps

Unglue provides safety and privacy of data so that children can navigate the internet securely.

However, this app does not provide satisfactory customer service.

  • Screen Time:

This parental control application offers a few functionalities that include:

  • Blocking of apps on kid’s devices, and they need to seek permission from parents to download any new application.
  • You can also share access to other guardians who help you watch over a child’s online affairs.
  • Content filtering tool helps children to access and view the suitable web material.
  • Screen time monitoring functions are useful to curtail a child’s excessive media hours.
  • AppDetox:
  • As per the name, it allows children to take a break from their phone and go on a digital detox.
  • It put restrictions on applications and reminds kids to leave their gadgets and come back in real life.
  • This application provides reports and logs that show the amount of time a child has spent on the cyberspace.

Although this software provides break free time, yet it lacks basic parental control features.

  • DinnerTime Plus:
  • This is a user-friendly application that reminds children to take off their eyes from the mobile screen so they can focus on studies, get sufficient sleep, and enjoy family mealtime. It has a bedtime, dinner time, and takes a broken control features.
  • It also allows setting the app and device usage limit for children. And displays the real-time of your kid’s device and shows their current or running application. Even a detailed report can be checked.
  • However, DinnerTime Plus lacks the basic functionalities of kids’ safety apps and offers limited features.

Monitor a kid’s phone activity by selecting the best screen time app from the above list.

However, the most recommended parental control software is Bit Guardian Parental Control which provides the best digital security to your kids.

Install the app today and ensure your child’s virtual safety.

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