WooCommerce becomes the most usable option for more wholesalers. Their website claims that they now own 30% of all online stores. Despite his popularity, it still had many unanswered questions. How to deal with inventory? how to add updates? Also, How to ship your order? All queries solution easily handles when you install the WooCommerce stock management plugins to manage your product stock properly. This is the simplest way to save your time while working with WooCommerce integrated order management software. Multiplayer gives you a simple way to manage your inventory.

Using this app you are allowed to control, update and add products in the fastest way. Every change you make and all the information you upload to multimedia is instantly visible in WooCommerce stock management plugins.

Some Best WooCommerce Stock Management Plugins

  • WP Inventory Manager,
  • Z Inventory Manager,
  • WP ERP Inventory,
  • Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce,

1. WP Inventory Manager

WP Inventory Manager is open-source software that fully tracks the items you want to display or sell on your WordPress site. You can control access permission to add or edit items on your list. With the help of this free WooCommerce stock management plugins, you can easily manage all your inventories and stock of your online store.

WP Inventory Manager provides a suite of powerful features for your WordPress site. Several categories of enhancements, fully customizable labels, templating systems, and developer-friendly with hooks, filters, and utility functions are all part of this plugin.

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Features of WP Inventory Manager

  • Multiple Classifications,
  • Fully Customization Label,
  • Easy customization by the templating system,
  • Access permission to edit an item,
  • Uses separate database tables for faster database access,


Freely downloadable from WordPress website

2. Z Inventory Manager

This is an intuitive online inventory management plugin for your WordPress website. Z Inventory Manager lets you organize your purchase orders, shipments, sales, and receipts in an organized manner.

Its easy-to-go inventory management helps manage and check online stock levels in real-time. The Z Inventory Manager also provides low inventory alerts, enabling you to replenish your inventory levels by ordering more stock.

Features of Z Inventory Manager

  • inventory management,
  • Purchase order,
  • Ship and Track Sales Order,
  • Report,


Z Inventory Manager is a free stock management plugin for your WordPress website.

3. WP ERP Inventory

It is an easy-to-use inventory management solution for WordPress. This WordPress support theme provides you with easily customizable options that let you manage everything to your liking. Apart from basic stock management, it is also usable for tax calculation, vouchers and invoice creation.

WP ERP inventory comes as an extension with the accounting module of WP ERP. Therefore, the functionality can be extended with other accounting features as per your requirement.

To efficiently manage your stock and inventory, eliminate duplicate product listings, track the source and sell originals, and get automated reports for better analytics, the WP ERP Inventory is a popular and smart choice among WordPress users.

Features of WP ERP Inventory Module

  • Basic class for greater accuracy in data entry
  • Integrated Sales / Pre-sales Tax Calculation Facility
  • Auto-generated invoice and voucher option
  • Automated reporting for both product purchases and sales
  • Integration with other solutions for simplified data export/import


Prices start at $79.

4. Stock Synchronization

Synchronization is one of the best ways you can update your stock inventory daily as it saves manual work and a lot of time. This is where the Stock Synchronization Inventory WordPress plugin swoops to the rescue to take care of this for you. Also, it is easy to use.

This plugin goes above and beyond the clouds as it does not just update the stock. Stock synchronization also synchronizes information from external CSV files, prices, data stored in Dropbox and Google Drive. Happy syncing!

Features of Stock Synchronization 

  • Daily, twice daily or hourly updates
  • Works with files that require credentials
  • Compatible with a variety of products
  • Dropbox support
  • WPML Support
  • Choose your delimiter (comma, semicolon or tab)
  • Supports large CSV-files (10.000+ lines)
  • Ftp support


The cost of stock synchronization is $14.


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