High-quality leather jackets are expensive. Bomber jackets are very good for a relaxing day to keep you comfortable while improving your style. The Bombay Jacket invented the first fighters to keep warm during 1940. When World War II needed a high-level protection leather jacket in the global war, the leather bomber jacket was introduced. The leather jacket was made of wool and nylon to protect pilots from the rain. Today there are many wonderful ways to wear a custom bomber jacket. However, before you can start styling, you have to choose the type of bomber jacket you want to wear. Whether you choose a black leather bamboo or a suede brown style you will have a lot of effect on the wear of comfort.

The bomber looks the most comfortable. The waist-length jacket is made of soft leather, which is generally smooth and looks comfortable. The jacket has a contrasting trim (sometimes in its contrasting colours and fabric) that usually allows the waist and sleeve cuffs to fit perfectly. The hardware is minimalist, with a disproportionate zipper in the front, with or without the functional Kangaroo side pocket.

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Black Bomber Jacket

A black bomber jacket does not look beautiful, but it is versatile and easily fits different outfits. Choose a dark nylon bomber for a stylish and comfortable cosy look. Alternatively, a black custom leather bomber can be worn for beautiful outfits, while wool and suede styles are ideal for a more beautiful look.

White Bomber Jacket

This cannot be the usual choice, but the white bomber jacket is a great statement. Ideal for the look of fresh spring, the style is unique. This is the neutral colour, a white bomber can be used in many ways and works well with many colours. You can pair your white custom bomber jacket with other lightweight wear with soft jeans or light grey colour and white.

Red Bomber Jacket

A brave red bomber is not more fashion than other colours but also a great statement. In this way, the style is best suited in classic tones. Navy blue jeans, combine a red bombard with a white staff neck t-shirt and a red, yet stylish look with shoes.

Long Bomber Jacket

You can choose from many different colours of bomber jackets, but different types of styles are also available and fit. A long line bomber jacket is an option that has been considered. Although most bombs end up in hips, though a long-term bomber is less than the body. So it is the best choice for winter and can create a wonderful statement. Combine it with a pair of thin pants only for a balanced look.

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Leather Bomber Jacket

The Leather Bomber Jacket is a real and incredible option. To crush the winter, first, choose your colour. Black is especially suitable for a square appearance and goes well with slim black jeans, a black t-shirt as well as shoes. Other colours with blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

Suede bomber jacket

It cannot be ideal for the rainy season, but a suede bomber jacket can make a beautiful look. The style usually gives the bomber jacket a unique touch. While choosing a suede bomber, remember that such colours look great like brown, seeds and stones. However, black, white and navy tones can be more powerful.

For Casual Events

In comfortable situations, the bomber jacket is the best choice for a jacket which combines with jeans, chino or slip. Most importantly, the T-shirt is ideal for hot weather, and sweatshirts can work despite the weather cooling. As shoes are a natural selection and are closely related to any style of bombardment jacket.

How should a bomber jacket fit?

When choosing a bomber jacket, it’s important to find the right fit. Choose a style that fits close to your shoulders with tight-fitting arms and a slim body. Although bombers have traditionally been oversized, today they are worn closer to the body and provide just enough space for one or two layers below. Also, make sure the length of your jacket and sleeves are right for you. Ideally, the bomber should end at the waistband while the sleeves should end at your wrist bones just before your palms.

Various style to wear a bomber jacket

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  • Mix your clothes with the style and colour of your custom leather jacket.
  • A t-shirt for cool, comfortable look, jeans or a bomber jacket with sneakers to make it cooler.
  • To wear a bomber jacket for a casual occasion, choose a classic style and mix it with a shirt with a collar or straight pants.
  • Turn your bomber jacket into a statement garment by pairing it with Basic garments in neutral colours.
  • Use a black leather bomber for a flashy look or a brown suede bomber for a uniquely stylish look.

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