Backlinks are like the backbone of the websites. Differently originated and differently managed all the backlinks are very helpful in every way for different parameters. 

Let’s start with Blogs:

  1. Starting a blog, helpful in many ways which include as the improving of the professional skills. 
  2.  You probably know many things about your product then your viewers and customers.
  3. Post regularly and be sure of sharing great content. 
  4. From your blog, you gotta link to other blogs. That’s the way to be noticed on the internet. Be active.
  5. You can get your blog listed in some of the best blog directories ( 
  6. Be active on other blogs. When other bloggers are reading your article and post some of them will link to your blog.
  7. If you link to other blogs remember to write a mail to them telling them – some of them will link back to your blog.
  8. Remember to tag your posts. It will help some of the search engine to notice what it’s all about. 

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Free linking

  1. Get onto Google Groups ( search for your service or product and answer some questions – and yes remember to answer with links to your website.
  2. Do the same with Yahoo! Answers ( Again remember the links every time you post an answer.
  3. Do you know the Squidoo page ( Set up a topical page and link to expert documents and useful tools. And yes remember to create a link back to your site.
  4. If you have a piece of good advice or another free website to use pls send the link back to me and I will update this post.
  5. Remember to go to Wikipedia ( and write about your company. You can also go to other articles which are related to your industry and company and try to make links to your website from there too. If you are in the Energy business go to search the organisations your companies are involved with and try to make links to your company from there.
  6. Put up an article on your website and submit your story to Digg ( with links back to the story on your website.

Pay Per Click – 

  1. Using the PPC will provide you with the best people attentions. Grab attention by saying them to provide or sign up for the newsletter.  Maybe some of them will link back to your site or blog. Sometimes this PPC is very helpful in building the connections and exploring the network.

COntest and giveaways – 

  1. Make yourself an expert by providing a lot of tools for your customers. They will return to you when they need a link. Some will link to your page because they wanna show everybody where to find the good tools. 
  2. Share something like if the viewers share this thing on doing comment I will provide some benefits to them.


List lovers – 

  1. We are all list lovers. No no no not all – I know. But most people love lists. To build a top 7 list, or top 10 list or 100 ways to…. People love to list to those. 
  2. Build a list of the 101 list numbers. 
  3. Generate the list of the 10 myths of the category. 
  4. Get the experts to show some authorities. 

Local links and business links- 

  1. Get the links from your local chambers. 
  2. You can submit your link on state government sites.
  3. Use the local library website for the procedure because sometimes they are the best part of it.
  4. Check whether the business partners paste the links on their sites. 

Conclusion :

Buy backlinks are the best way to promote your services or product at the larger rate of the things. Links on the good domain sites will provide you with the good life so that you aware within the google feeds.


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