The use of jewellery has been one of the most important ways to show its style and taste for many thousands of years. If you take a look into human history, you will see that the first pieces of jewellery were already made during the Stone Age and the use of high-quality gold jewellery or silver jewellery has developed ever since.

Due to the fashion developments in the last decades, a large number of well-known designers have meanwhile specialized in the production of designer jewellery. Well-known names such as Roberto Cavalli or Giorgio Armani now own their own jewellery creations, which also enjoy great popularity in German-speaking countries. Thanks to the globalization and the advent of the Internet, it is now also possible to look at many different jewellery designers from all over the world and compare the prices for jewellery conveniently online.

In addition to the various designer jewellery manufacturers, there are also a variety of jewellery companies that specialize in the production of special jewellery such as Murano jewellery or gemstone jewellery. Well-known manufacturers such as the companies Pandora or Joop have in recent years designed a variety of popular and converted jewellery creations that are gladly purchased worldwide.

Another trend emerging in the jewellery world is the import of exotic jewellery from around the world. For many centuries Italy has been one of the main countries for the production of high-quality design creations with its well-known designers such as Delfina Delettrez or Roberto Cavalli. In addition to Italy, the Asian region has become very popular in recent years. In Germany and Austria, for example, there are now many jewellery creations that come from Asia and often consist of gemstones and pearl collections.

Thanks to the development of the Internet, it has become very easy for us to look at the various jewellery models and manufacturers and to select the right designer pieces within a few minutes. The Internet and online shopping also have the advantage that most jewellery online shops can often offer their creations at cheaper prices. Jewellery is thus not only reserved for the rich upper class but can be used by people from all backgrounds to express their taste and their courageous deal.

Since our team has been enthusiastic about the world of jewellery creation for many years, we decided to build this online portal to the various designers and manufacturers. We will constantly expand our jewellery portal and regularly appear in various designer brands. We hope you enjoy our pages and of course have fun with your favourite jewellery.



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