Yes, acidity can be treated at home. Worldwide, millions of people suffer from acid reflux and heartburn. It is not a significant ailment but can cause discomfort momentarily. One can use medications such as omeprazole or Ayurvedic medicine for acidity to gain faster results. Making lifestyle alterations will also help significantly.

People must imbibe more wholesome eating habits and learn to exercise more often. This can dwindle the chances of heartburn and acid reflux. The sufferer might experience an acidic taste at the back of their mouth and experience difficulty in swallowing. Additional manifestations include cough, asthma, tooth erosion and inflammation of sinuses. These are more significant symptoms.

Anatomically, the food passes through the lower esophageal sphincter(LES). If the LES does not close completely, acid is produced by the stomach. This causes the symptoms mentioned above. If a person suffers from these manifestations twice a week, they must consult a doctor. Apart from abiding by the doctor’s prescription, sufferers can also consume ayurvedic medicine for acidity.


1) Cloves are a great medium to eliminate acidity symptoms such as flatulence, indigestion, nausea, gastric irritability, etc.

2) Lukewarm water on an empty stomach before turning in can alleviate the symptoms of acidity.

3) Watermelon juice promotes digestion, hence dwindling acidity.

4) Cardamom also prevents indigestion, flatulence and prevents acidity. One must chew a pod every day.

5) Buttermilk is the holy grail for curing acid reflux. It is replete with lactic acid, which normalizes the acidity in the stomach. Consume it with black pepper and coriander for instant results.

6) Chewing raw ginger has impeccable health benefits. It elevates digestion and reduces acidity.

7) Bananas are famous for their several health benefits. Mixing it with milk neutralizes acidity. It also suppresses excess acid secretion.

8) Papaya is accompanied by several advantages for digestion. It diminishes gastric acid secretion and alleviates acidity.

9) Ajwain is consumed to relieve acidity and flatulence. It promotes digestion and possesses anti-acidic properties.

10) Drinking a glass of cold milk and inviting instant positive results.

11) Taking a tiny quantity of baking soda with water will provide instant relief.

12) Turmeric is a great agent to relieve acidity and the heartburn caused by it.


1) Refrain from overeating

The esophagus reveals into the stomach where there is a ring-like muscle known as the esophageal sphincter. It serves as a valve and inhibits acidic contents from reverting to the esophagus. It loosens typically when a person swallows or pukes. Otherwise, it stays shut.

This muscle is weakened or dysfunctional among people who suffer from acidity. Acidity also appears when there is unsurmountable pressure on the muscle, provoking acid to milk through the opening.

Hence, it is not a surprise that most acid refluxes happen after a meal. Bigger meals can heighten these manifestations.

2) Focus on losing weight

The diaphragm is a muscle located above one’s stomach. Having excess belly fat can pressure the lower esophageal sphincter and prevent it from doing its job. This phenomenon is known as hiatus hernia. It is prominent among obese people and pregnant women. Losing weight can significantly help with chronic acid refluxes.

3) Following a low-carb diet

Following a low-carb diet has multiple health benefits. It relieves acid refluxes. It is believed that the undigested carbohydrates cause bacterial overgrowth in the abdomen and create pressure.

Excessive undigested carbs may leave the person feeling gassy and bloated. In such cases, antibiotics are instrumental.

4) Don’t go overboard with alcohol

Consuming excessive alcohol has detrimental effects on one’s health. It intensifies the concentration of acid reflux and heartburn.

5) Limit your coffee intake

While we all love our morning caffeine, it should be consumed in limitation. Coffee temporarily impairs the esophageal sphincter, increasing acid reflux.

Coffee can adversely affect people, mainly if it is consumed right after a meal. If you experience significant discomfort after drinking coffee, limit its intake.

6) Chew gum

Studies reflect that chewing gum can dwindle acidity. It contains bicarbonate, which is effective. Chewing also induces saliva production, helping clear the acid.

7) Steer clear of eating raw onions

They seem very palpable, but consuming raw onions can amplify acid reflux and heartburn. It produces a lot of gas.


There are several precautions that one makes when they are susceptible to acidity. Instead of consuming one grand meal, try to disintegrate it into smaller meals. Chew your meal well, and do not lie down immediately after a meal. Also, be active and do not skip your workouts.


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