One of the most troubling and difficult natural occurrences is mould that has ruined the decoration of many houses. It can spread almost anywhere from walls to wood. It does not only make the product or the decoration defective, but it also starts to spread disease around the household at a faster rate. No matter what type of would we have at home, it is our primary duty to protect it against moulds.

Experts have observed that moulds are pervasive more on solid timber flooring Melbourne another type of wood decking as compared to other products. Even if the wood has come with a protective layer against such dangers, we need to make sure to take appropriate steps as a prevention aspect against mould. We can either use household techniques or some chemicals containing ingredients such as antioxidants and biocides. Such prevention techniques can help us in resisting fading for staining of the original color of the wood and ensures to provide an extra layer of protection against mould growth.

Proper understanding of mould

At first, we might have to understand the real cause behind the growth of mildew at our house. Even if we don’t have any possibility of extension of mould, we should be able to see signs of it on the floor at home. One of the symptoms is that the growth of moulds can occur mostly in the area that is hidden from the sunlight. Moulds also get high chances of an increase in extreme weather such as frost and drought. Other than that, if mould has decided to attack a particular area of the wooden floor in our house, it feeds on dirt and pollen in the air to survive. Lastly, dampness of the surface is one of the most common causes of spreading moulds.

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Dirt removal methods

We should first take note of whether the particular wooden deck is inside or outside of the house. Such factors affect the growth of mould at a larger extent. It also differences how much intense cleaning techniques will be. If it is outside, the Deck is likely to become dirtier than within the four walls.

We can use a normal broomstick to remove the dirt and bacteria from the wooden floor outside the house. It can also be used to brush off the excess water that can cause the growth of moulds on the floor.

Using special cleaners

One of the best ways to protect Timber from getting moulds is to use special filters on the wooden surface from its early days. We can also use homemade solutions for the purpose. Mixing with a bucket of water, we can take the broom and watch the entire surface by adding one cup bleach per gallon.

We can use a clean mop to wipe away the floor without any hindrance. We can also spot and take away the signs of mildew. If we are using chemical solutions, we have to make sure to use normal water to brush up the surface clearly after mopping it.

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An extra layer of protection

We should make sure to take certain precautions before ascertaining that the wooden floor is entirely safe. We can ask housebuilders to add an extra layer of protection on the surface of the wooden deck. We can also make sure to project direct sunlight on the back so that it can kill mould spores from the surface. Furthermore, an extra layer of protection is acquired by using proper drain techniques to get rid of excess water.


We can only use many household and chemical solutions to protect the timber decking Melbourne against mould growth. To gain the benefit of long-term facilities and services of the wooden floor at home, we have to make sure to use all the prevention techniques against mould growth. It can include both household and chemical aspects.


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