Skin type varies with person to person some people have dry skin, some have oily skin and some have normal skin. People from all ages can suffer any skin disease which can be big or small. but very common skin disease that is frequently suffered by people is a fungal infection and it occurs on a particular part of the body only. This problem arises as the body immune system is not as strong to resist this infection. Nowadays many creams and treatments are there to get rid of this skin disease. Ketomac cream uses in hindi are very commonly used by people as it brings out the best results. Even the ingredients on the pack are written in Hindi that majority of the people can understand it.

There are two symptoms of this fungal infection. One is itchiness on that part of the body where it occurs and second is the change in skin colour there. the skin becomes red and cracks appear there. The most commonly affected fungal infection are as follows:

  • Athlete foot: it is also known as Tinea Pedis as it is associated with athletes and sports. The fungus starts growing in a moist, warm environment like in socks and sports equipment. It is very common during summers and winters. And it also has the capability to multiply quickly if not treated on time. The symptoms of this vary from person to person. Few of them are:
  • Blisters and redness on the affected area
  • Skin peel away
  • Burning and itching sensation on the affected part

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So this should not be taken in a light way and this infection should be treated on time. Keto fungal cream is one of the best creams for any such fungal infection and gives out the best results.

  • Yeast infection: this is the common disease in females in their vaginal area. The presence of bacteria can cause hormone imbalance, poor eating habits and stress. Even it causes rash and toenail infection. Symptoms of this infection are:
  • Redness and soreness around the vagina
  • Pain and burning sensation during urination
  • Swelling and itchiness around the affected area
  • Usual vaginal discharge

If this infection is left untreated it may cause many severe problems. Many forms of treatments is available to cure it. Apart from these treatments, it is recommended to maintain personal hygiene and one must take proper diet.

  • Ringworm: it is also referred to as Tinea corporis caused due to fungus surviving on dead tissues like nails, hairs etc. it also causes athlete foot and jock itch. This infection can be easily noticed due to its unique shape. It causes itchiness and redness around the affected area. If it is not treated on time it can cause more such patches on the body. Many treatments like creams and antibiotics are available for its cure. But to prevent from it doctors recommend to maintain personal hygiene, keep skin and hairs dry. One should avoid sharing towels and other personal items with others.

So it is better to prevent our self from such skin problems. Otherwise, ketomac cream is one of the best solutions to the infection.


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