The price for kidney transplantation in many countries is so high that it stops a lot of patients to opt for kidney dialysis. They plan to undergo a temporary procedure for living rather than undergoing a permanent cure. Kidney dialysis may help a patient to survive for some time, but it significantly makes no help for the healing.

However, before getting in further discussion, let us check the price of kidney transplant prices in different countries:

Top Countries for Kidney Transplant Initial Cost of Kidney Transplant

(In Dollars )

Final Cost Of Kidney Transplant

(In Dollars)

India 13,000 15,000
US 143,500 260,000
UK 100,000 143,550
Thailand 33,250 76,000
Singapore 60,000 120,000

Looking at the above table, we can clearly conclude that the Kidney Transplant Expenses in India are the least. Now how do you look at it, if the difference in the treatment price is so high? Is it a positive sign for you or a sign of doubt?

Well, before we get into any discussion, let us check why the price of treatment in India is reasonable. What is the reason behind it?

Reasons for a low kidney transplant price in India:

If you check for the costs of various treatment in India and not just the kidney transplant, you will realise that the price for each and every treatment is very low. Now, at the same time if you check the facts about the efficacy and the success rate of the procedure, you will find that there is no compromise in that part.

India secures the position amongst the top five countries of the world for efficient medical services. Well, to believe the facts between the synchronisation of the success rate and the price, we need the valid reason for the low cost of treatment. So, here is the reason:

  • The medicines for the cure of diseases are not imported from other countries but are manufactured in India itself. So, one can receive the drugs and medicines at very nominal cost here. Medications are one of the significant expenses along with the surgery, so those prices are cut down to a great extent.
  • Now, the other thing is the fees of the surgeons. The surgeons in India are well experienced and well-qualified, but their primary focus is saving the life of the patient and not just money-making. So, they charge very reasonably.
  • Next is the hospital expenses involved in the treatment. Hospital expenses are also meagre in India. It is because of the prerequisites of the treatment that is the machinery and other equipment required for the procedure are made in India. So, they charge the patient, as they do not have to spend much.
  • Yet another thing for low Expenses for Kidney Transplant in India is the competition in the medical domain in the country. There are over 50 + hospitals in the country that provide effective renal treatment, so no one has the option to increase the price of therapy unreasonably.

Final Words:

So, before you doubt the efficacy of treatment in India, clear the facts that would certainly drag you towards a positive mindset for all the treatment procedures in India.


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