YouTube is an American website for video sharing. Google is running this website since November 2006. YouTube now operates as a subsidiary of Google.

YouTube allows users to upload, rate, and share, add playlists, post, comment on videos and other users to subscribe. Video clips, TV shows, music videos, documentary movies, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streaming and other material such as video blogging are including in this platform. Click here to know about YouTube accounts.

YouTube optimization is the process to make your videos easily available for the viewers and should meet the need of the different viewers. Here are some ways to optimize your videos to get more viewers and followers.

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Video Title

When the video title comes up, there are several things to consider;

  • How entertaining and appealing it is for the audience
  • How many relevant keywords you use in your title
  • How these keywords will help rank the video in both YouTube and Google search
  • What part of the title is immediately visible once people search your video
  • Is the thumbnail is related to the video title

Using all of the above in account, about a hundred characters will be included for your video title. That is enough to offer a special, concise title when showing up without a cut off in search. Make sure the name doesn’t just reflect what’s going on in the video and include key phrases you have already studied.

Key Words 

Keywords on the YouTube channel are words that provide YouTube channel data and meaning. In general, they help You Tube understand what kind of content you are making and who your target audience is. Optimize keywords on the channel can also increase the channel visibility on YouTube.

Using strong keywords like other tags helps you understand the meaning of your video. For instance, if you are making a video called “How to hit a cricket ball,” you’d like to add a “cricket ball” as a specific tag to tell You Tube that the subject of your video is about cricket ball.

Video Description

Video and channel descriptions are another valuable resource to attract attention to your content as a whole. YouTube allows almost 5,000 characters, it means you can make your title with 500 to 700 words. The thumb rule is clear that the more original material you have below in your video, the easier it is for search engines to understand what your video is about and for which search queries to rate it.

Not every description needs to be that long, but it is a good place to reach about two to three thousand characters because it gives you the room you need to maximize your keywords to use. Moreover, just make sure that you don’t fill with a lot of meaningless stuff.

Use Playlist

Playlists are extremely useful. First of all, it helps you to put some videos together right on your channel just like you have done a series of video clips. Instead of one, it can introduce your viewers to multiple videos and many will choose to pop up on a playlist and watch it straight through.

To sum up, YouTube playlists help you in many ways that are given below;

  • Increase your chance of rating your video content for a wider range of phrases that are also useful for brand-focused outcomes.
  • Improve the viewer’s engagement rate by presenting your viewer with video collections. So they can sit back and watch continuously. We all know that when it comes to You Tube ratings, interaction is the main ranking factor.

View Your Clips on Your Website

Proudly displaying your videos on your site an obvious but often ignored tactic is to increase the loyalty of your YouTube channel. It is very simple the more people watch your videos, the more chance You Tube gives to your content by recommending your related videos.

One of the most effective ways for your channel to attract more viewers is to promote your videos outside of YouTube. Besides, promote your videos on social media as much as it makes sense to build additional exposure, links, and re-share for your audience.

Add Tags

Adding some tags is an ideal way to use keywords that are appropriate to your video but cannot fit your title or description naturally. Tags should be words or phrases that are important to the content of the video as well as how you expect that a video would be discovered by users.

YouTube tags are very important because they help You Tube to catch your video’s material and context. This is the way YouTube can match your video’s topic and category and link it with similar material that will expand the scope of your video.


YouTube is HUGE. Not only has it been growing rapidly since its first release in 2005, but it has also become the single largest and most important web-based video service. None of them have achieved the same popularity. That is the reason in today’s world the YouTube optimization is really important.


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