Makeup can be confusing to a first time make up applying individual. All those brushes, creams, colours, powder. Jeez we know that can cause a little too much of stress. We believe make up doesn’t only make you look good, but more importantly makes you feel good on the inside.

So, to help you decide on which products to use and when this blog has been written down for you.

Make up has a few basic steps which need to be followed in order to have even the slightest make up.

  • PRIMER:Primer is generally not used by everyone, but we recommend you use it because when you apply a layer of primer it helps your skin maintain smooth finish all day and allows your face to look very fresh. Primer’s effect changes from person to person, but its main aspect it to give an even skin.
  • FOUNDATION:Foundation is of much importance but still very difficult to match it to your skin tone. The best way to do is to go to your nearest Sephora or MAC store, preferably with a makeup artist. You can also enlist the help of the people there and they will help you in choosing a foundation colour best for you just like la girl pro concealer. The foundation is the base for your make up.
  • BBCREAM:BB cream is similar to a foundation, but it has a more natural look to it. BB creams also have more moisture and sometimes a primer in them which helps your skin stay moisturized for longer. If you are a beginner, then a BB cream is a better idea than a foundation because it is easier to use and more convenient to decide on the colour. You can apply the BB cream with just your fingers. Along with a BB cream the la girl concealer compliments the face and helps cover the dark areas.
  • CONCEALER:If your skin is discoloured, has marks, has acne or just some dark circles then the la girl pro concealer is a must have. The la girl concealeris great for you to manage any dark circles or also help even out your colour. If you are in doubt as to which concealer to buy, you can always rely on la girl concealer because of the wide variety of colours.
  • BLUSH:Blush is a lovely splash of colour on your cheeks which allows your face to look more animated and less flatter. Traditionally blushes were put on the apples of your cheek but putting it on the apples of your cheeks and blending some from cheeks diagonally upwards to your hairline. This helps highlight your cheekbones and gives a more defined look. You will also enjoy getting a better colour pop if you used la girl pro concealerto even out your tone.
  • HIGHLIGHTER:Highlighters come in many different forms powder, creams, liquid, stick etc. If you are a beginner, then the powder or the stick are the best ones you can work with. These highlighters must be chosen taken into account your skin tone and undertones, hence when you go to blush go along with your la girl concealer because you can decide on which blush suits your skin tone.
  • BRONZER:Like a sun-kissed glow but cannot stand in the sun long enough. The bronzer is perfect answer for you to use. You can always underplay it or just use it as you please. At max you should use one or two shades darker than your skin tone. You can always choose between matte or shimmery bronzers.
  • SETTINGSPRAY/POWDER:This is the last step in your make up routine, which helps in sealing your make up and keep it in place all day. Setting sprays are of different kinds some are oil absorbing; some have a shimmery finish, and some keep your face with a matte finish.

Make up can be daunting if you are a beginner, but having the basics always helps. We hope that this blog has help you realize what you do and don’t need, but never should you forget the la girl pro concealer because it will help you even out the colours on your skin. Shop the la girl concealerrange on


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