The evolution of automation within manufacturing has played a major part in the advancement of the industry. From machinery to equipment, most aspects of manufacturing now contain automated processes. These days many jobs within the field are not as labour heavy or manuallyfocused and are more about the supervision and optimisation of automated processes.

Automation technology can provide unlimited benefits to any organisation, it delivers financial benefits as well as minimising sources of human error and streamlining workflows. However often when automation technology is discussed people can trying to take a negative outlook, rather than choose to see the benefits that automation can bring.

Manual painting within manufacturing is one process that is now basically non-existent. Barely any manufactures will now use manpower to hand paint any aspect of their products. Instead, they will spray paint using a Spray Booth. This particular area of manufacturing has been evolving in terms of automation for years now andit has reached one of its most automated stages through the use of Spray Booths, with little human ability needed.

As we saw evolving automation within the Spray Booth market, spray booths were only improving and becoming better and better. This naturally led to increased productivity benefits for a range of organisations alike. If you are wondering what these benefits are, then we’ll tell you, so you can see how evolving automation in spray booths delivers uncharted benefits to manufacturing.

Firstly, using automated spray booths allows an organisation to reach vital goals. This is mainly through an increase in speed, volume and proficiency of the outputs being delivered. Automation assists in ensuring that every output is completed perfectly and within a reasonable time period, also a time period that can be easily predicted, making it easier to plan ahead with your production abilities. This is an especially prominent benefit as when this used to be done manually, due to the fiddly nature of the task, you could rarely ever predict the time it would take or the quality of the output.

This will overall increase efficiency and productivity, while keeping financial costs low as the possibility of financial loss due to human error is depleted. Many businesses see the financial aspect as the most prominent benefit of spray booths. However, if you have had trouble in the past with keeping the quality of your outputs consistent, spray booths will become hugely beneficial to you.

Evolving automation in spray booths, will also assist you in optimizing your manpower. While there is the common myth that automation can mean less jobs, it instead means more productivity. A business can enhance their human resources by freeing up their employee’s valuable time, and allot it towards a more advanced task, that will lead to further optimisation of their manufacturing process. Even in the most advanced of spray booth operations, humans play a vital role in supervising and enabling automation, maintaining production and looking for further opportunities to optimise. Allowing further benefits to your productivity, your outputs and ultimately your bottom-line.

While originally everything a spray booth does now, was completed by hand, the evolving automation hasnaturally increased the quality and productivity of manufacturing. If you are considering a bespoke spray booth for your business, then be sure to use an engineering company who are experts in the field of spray booths, such as DRYSYS Spray-Cure. Spray-Cure can help you to decide what spray-booth option is perfect your processes, and then create the perfect spray-booth for you. Then you will be able to witness first-hand the productivity benefits from the evolving automation of spray booths, to help improve your overall operations.


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