Fashion and Lifestyle are two segments of life that remain parallel throughout the lifespan. This makes sense, right! When you go for the trendiest fashion, it totally depends upon the lifestyle you are having. The clothes you wear, the pair of shoes you put on while going out and the scent you apply, all these aspects depict your lifestyle. It is true that nobody can be judged by someone on the basis of fashion and lifestyle, but it must be understood that it is the end of 2019 and people are becoming more unpredictable.

If you follow the trends in fashion and lifestyle, you’ll notice that at some point in life, these two segments of life represent one’s custom, tradition and cultural values. People of different age groups follow the different fashion of course and with the exponential increase in the world’s population, the fashion market of the world is rising with unique style and business. More product lines, creative designs and attractive aesthetics are giving the fashion business a new touch of success and competition at the same time.

Talking about South Asian fashion and lifestyle, this piece of land has the most diverse set of culture. People living in heavily populated countries like China, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh possess next level of dressing sense and that’s why the business of boutique is growing very rapidly especially in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Monthly cloth trends, fashion shows and festivals followed by promotional dresses and giveaways contribute a lot in bringing this business to the next level.

And Lifestyle, well it is not anecdotal to say that people are adopting a new lifestyle. Apartments and houses are getting built in a unique way with technologically enhanced infrastructure, delicate architecture and multiple amenities. Old fashioned abodes are losing their value i.e. either they are getting sold or getting rebuilt from the ground. This is also giving people to invest in their future and witness the ever-growing value of these advanced residential properties.

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Highlighting some renowned spots for fashion lovers in the above-mentioned countries:

  1. Tariq Road

One of the most valuable places of Karachi, Pakistan. This area is famous for boutique shops doing business from every street to every wealthy shop in a mall. The main area of Tariq Road also provides an opportunity to invest in property for sale in Karachi where people are actually looking to have their residential property because of the peaceful environment, natural surrounding and vast & clear roads.

  1. Chandni Chowk

The busiest and the most famous shopping area in India located in the centre of Old Delhi. Looking at the fashion stories there, Chandni Chowk provides all types of sarees (most common Indian traditional dress), classical to the newest style with multiple varieties. Other than that, the cloth market here also provides unstitched cloths, shalwar kurta and ghagra choli.

  1. Cloth Market

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Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the famous Cloth Market contribute more than 50% in making Bangladesh the second biggest exporter of garments in the world, after China. The traditional wear of Bangladesh is quite similar to that of India. The men of Bangladesh wear lungi more often and women follow with sarees.

As lifestyle and fashion go in parallel, there can’t be a huge difference between wearing a better dress and living a cosy lifestyle. The residential property for sale in Karachi is giving multiple investment opportunities to the people around the world because of the unique residential and commercial projects being built at a high success rate and in very suitable prices.

Therefore, your long-term fashion depicts the reflection of the lifestyle you’ve been living for years and also your current lifestyle.


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