If you’re a first-time parent and your feeling nervous about shopping for your little one, don’t be put off by the confusing array of clothes that are made available. All you need to do is to keep a few things in mind and some golden rules to remember abbot materials, sizes and what needs to be worn and how.

Ready, Set, Go

The first thing you need to know is that your baby is going to be growing and growing and growing.

The first year of your child’s life is a stage where they will be growing unlike any other time in their lives. So keep in mind that as they grow, they will outgrow their previous clothes, never to fit in them again. And so they will be rolling, crawling and walking before you know it (but not before you learn to get them into their clothes, no pressure!) So when buying baby clothes, don’t get too many of the same small sizes. It’s always better to get them a little bigger if you want to be economical too.

Caps, Booties and Blankets

After months of being protected in the mother’s womb, a newborn baby is exposed to many dangerous factors in it’s a new environment. Heat, cold, dust, germs and even physical impact to its sensitive and fragile body. So, as a parent, caps, booties and blankets become your new best friends. Although some babies get irritated and try to take them off, you need to make sure that your little one is protected from these external monsters that could cause diseases like flu, asthma, or fever in a newborn baby or toddler. So make sure you have a few sets of these handy, and get them in the right materials to suit the climate.

Night, Night? Nope, Night, Light!

As a new parent, you will be rudely made aware of one bitter truth: your newborn is going to be awake and – going to keep you awake too. It’s just one of those laws of nature that cannot be changed. So, what can you do as a parent? Suit up, the baby, that is. Make sure that he/she is not feeling wet, cold or uncomfortable so that he/she will be less irritated and easier to soothe back to sleep. One essential piece of clothing that you need to get is huggies nappies. They are available in all sizes and materials, cotton or fleece, it will keep your baby dry throughout the night, so don’t miss this item from your shopping list. They can make it that much easier for a sleepy parent to carry a crying infant.

Button Up, Button Down

Keep in mind that a newborn is not going to cooperate when you try to dress them. In fact, they will let you know that they are totally against it. So fitting them into them tight clothes is a delicate affair indeed. But, never fear, buttons are here to the rescue. You will discover that many good quality baby clothes have buttons at the neck, waist and bottom, just to make your life easier. Plus getting those cute little arms into long sleeves cannot be made easy if they are too tight. So keep this in mind when buying long sleeves and tights. Make sure that all buttons are secure and have soft edges as they could cause much discomfort to a baby sleeping on them.


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