Do you own an organization that needs a GPS tracking system? Do you find that frequently the tool walks and the person who rented it gave you fake statistics? Or have you skilled rental abuse or, worse, theft? If you said sure to these questions, then you’ll want to maintain reading.

If you very own a condo corporation that rents out system or automobiles on an everyday foundation, GPS tracking structures may be a first-rate lifesaver.

Even in case you require a replica of the purchaser’s because force’s license or price via credit score card, you could in no way be sure if the statistics you simply obtained are, in reality, real or whether or not your gadget receives lower back in desirable state of affairs, if in any respect.

This manner that an ability thief can stroll into your shop, rent a large piece or company of equipment, and walk away, in no way to be visible all over again. You have just misplaced several hundreds of lots of bucks well worth of property. If this takes region a few times a month, your employer can skip down the tubes.

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An All-in-One GPS Tracking  System Solution for Your Rental Company

If your apartment organization offers a spread of machine and automobiles for lease (from advent to trucks, trucks, and motors), a GPS monitoring gadget needs to be positioned into the vicinity. GPS monitoring is important to at ease condominium business enterprise assets, even for big devices.

Many humans may additionally take benefit of your apartment enterprise with the resource of preserving your leases longer then they need to or by the use of no longer returning them. Glen Sider, the operations supervisor at the National Equipment Register (NER), relayed the standard narrative approximately a stated system theft incident.

On a Sunday morning, a foreman happened to bypass the useful resource of considered one among his introduction web sites and noticed guys loading a system onto a flatbed trailer. The foreman reasoned out with the 2 guys and positioned out they had been employees from the leasing company.

He maintained he hadn’t referred to as for routine protection, but the 2 guys surpassed paperwork imprinted on the leasing commercial enterprise organization’s letterhead, confirming all information of the stated request.

The files regarded real, so he allows the guys keep—most effective to find out the device was nowhere to be determined the subsequent morning, the day they promised to return it.

Earlier this year, sixteen human beings had been arrested for stealing 100 Car2Go motors. “We had been alerted through a vehicle apartment corporation that a number of their vehicles may additionally have been rented through manner of misleading or fraudulent approach through a cell app.

Due to the information furnished with the resource of the company, several vehicles have been recovered and ladies and men of the hobby are being wondered,” a police spokesperson informed The Verge. “We are running with the company to determine whether or not there are every different car whose locations can’t be accounted for. At this time, the recoveries appear to be remoted to the West Side. The investigation is ongoing.”

Had the system and automobiles being taken been geared up with a GPS monitoring tool, the thefts could have been averted. With a GPS monitoring device in the region, your condominium employer can now locate any asset in a be counted of seconds!

To hold up with the developing demands of device robbery safety, many groups have advanced GPS monitoring gadgets. Integrating GPS to ensure system safety has drastically grown to be a fashion over the years because it economizes condo organization operations.

By putting in GPS monitoring devices on expensive condominium business enterprise vehicles or tools, you will be able to recognize precisely wherein they are usually. This means if they are no longer once more on time, you could pass and get them due to the fact you recognize wherein they’re. Once positioned, many GPS tracking systems can also help you disable the automobile until you get there to reclaim it.

Think about the number of sales that you may shop via understanding exactly in which your vehicles are always.

Real-time worldwide monitoring

When a gadget is in transit, there’s an opportunity that the transporting car will input a grey place wherein there may be the very limited cellular carriers. In this situation, it’ll be very tough to speak with the renters. Situations like this are the right possibility for renters to take the gain of your asset.

But with GPS tracking devices like Trackimo, area tracking stays handy and accessible each time, anywhere, so long as GSM cell reception exists, ensuring that the device or motors in no way go off the radar. Trackimo packs a powerful hybrid of GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth tracking technology to correctly find your property international in actual time, whether or not or not they are indoors or outdoors.


The functions of GPS tracking structures serve are not constrained to tracking and tracking. Most devices additionally come with an alert gadget. On a programmed software program or mobile software program, introduction owners can set no-pass areas (geofences), so at the same time as a bulldozer, loader, or any machine tactics or exits the place, it’ll trigger an alert. This is a safety measure for the creation of gadget robbery.

To make sure you are getting the maximum out of tracking, get yourself a device as a way to trouble immediate alerts if the tool exits a relaxed area, moves past time table, adjustments location, or breaches speed limits.

Multiple device tracking

Since you’re tracking a couple of motors and gadget at the identical time, you may upload and control numerous all of the tracking gadgets you’re the use of on a single view on your laptop, tab, or cellphone. This makes it best for any condominium agency manager to display all of the assets being rented on the identical time.

Equipment utilization monitoring

Another big plus to the usage of a GPS tracking gadget is that many have the functionality to expose machine usage as nicely. Common kinds of apartment car abuse encompass rushing, too much engine revving, commonplace hard braking, excessive swerving, riding in off-street zones, and lots of others.

Such the usage of behaviours is what automobile condo corporations fear the most. Ill-treated condominium motors might also want a commonplace alternate of brakes, tires, and other elements alternative. In exclusive terms, it shortens the lifespan in their vehicles and will bring about needless fees on renovation and renovation now not to mention its effect on coverage fees.

With a GPS tracking machine, you may set your tool to tell you at the same time as the machine or automobile is on and in use, as well as even as it has become became off. You will also be able to get an entire print out as proof of usage. This way that during case your customer says that they did now not use it and that they sincerely did, you may prove it.

Whole day tracking

More than something, GPS monitoring devices can paintings 24 hours a day, 7 days each week. You could have a GPS tracker hardwired into your apartment cars so the tool receives energy from the auto’s electrical system. This means there is no need to recharge it whilst batteries run low.

This most effective requires a quick, smooth installation. If you’re this kind of individuals who aren’t at ease with simple automobile work, you could have the GPS tracker set up and hardwired with the aid of experts, however, you can do it your self if you have the skills.

Before GPS trackers, monitoring condo gadgets has never been as easy as a clean press of a button. By attaching one tracker to each advent device, enterprise owners are made aware of the gadget’s actual-time location and situation.

Anyone who has get entry to to the tracker and the records it gathers will comprehend the scenario’s whereabouts even if they’re a long way from the place of work. Bosses will recognize if the tool isn’t in which they must be and might name construction managers to inquire approximately it.


The SOS button in a GPS tracker is an extensively essential characteristic to examine out for in selecting GPS trackers as it can store your renters’ lives. Tell them to press and preserve this button for five seconds whilst in an emergency to alert the authorities or selected body of people individuals of their present-day area, which consists of commands. This particular characteristic has been shown beneficial in emergencies. This immensely increases client remarks.

Predictive renovation

To keep your apartment business corporation assets in pinnacle form, routine renovation is vital. Instead of manually monitoring them, that could be a tedious venture using the way, permit GPS monitoring do it for you. No extra paper files on vehicle mileage to understand while to visit the store for oil alternate and exceptional normal automobile renovation.

Most sophisticated GPS monitoring systems for fleet vehicles have preservation signals that mechanically calculate the vehicle’s mileage to will assist you to apprehend even as it’s time for a recurring renovation. This is specifically critical on the subject of stopping rental vehicles from breaking down in the middle of rental usage.


If you own a condominium corporation, then you definitely without a doubt will need to bear in thoughts investing in a GPS machine. A GPS monitoring device permits you to understand precisely in which your machine is at all times. It will save your apartment corporation hundreds of bucks in misplaced device substitute charges.

It moreover has the capability to boom your income with the aid of getting paid for machine usage which you can usually omit. Give yourself and your organization peace of mind. Protect your condo assets now. Get a Vehicle tracking system before it’s too past due.


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