Does your child’s high energy detract from their learning experience? Do their teachers often comment on fidgeting, doodling, and disruptive behavior when you sit down for a parent-teacher conference? Does your child seem unable to focus, often distracted by the world around them when they’re meant to be listening or doing homework? You’re not alone. The truth is it’s quite common for children to have trouble keeping on task, as their bodies are constantly full of energy to help them grow. All the extra energy is great for their development, but it can also make it hard to sit still and slow down when it’s time to learn. So how can you help your child overcome this struggle? By giving them a Sensory Weighted Lap Pad, providing a stationary outlet for all their excess energy.

A sensory weighted lap pad is a weighted pad that drapes across the lap to provide deep pressure stimulation, a natural soothing therapy that calms both mind and body. Lap pads can be quite fun, especially when they’re made with friendly faces like the plush, animal-shaped Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pads available now at! Cute and snuggleable companions are inviting to children and make them eager to use their lap pads. Instead of associating their pads with boring homework time, children see homework as an excuse to bring out their fluffy friend, which puts them in a better mood as you sit down with them to work.

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So how can this adorable weighted lap pad help your child focus on school and stop struggling so much with high energy and hyperactivity? The answer lies in simple biology. As mentioned before, Huggaroo’s clever sensory weighted lap pad naturally provides deep pressure stimulation for the child as it sits across their lap. What this does is it applies a gentle amount of even pressure, much like a hug, which taps into the body’s natural signaling system. We are all designed to calm down and feel relaxed when we spend close time with those we love because when we are cuddling with our families we are safe. By mimicking the sensation of a loving hug, deep pressure stimulation uses our natural response to safety to our advantage, helping us control when we calm down.

Our bodies have two nervous systems, nicknamed the fight or flight mode, and the rest and digest mode. These dictate how we interact with the world. When we’re in fight or flight mode, we try to pay attention to everything around us all at once, which means we lose focus on individual things and disperse that energy across our surroundings. Whenever children have an abundance of energy, they are naturally in this mode. It’s the perfect setting for running around, climbing, jumping, and all the other active things that children love to do during recess. But while the other mode, the rest and digest mode, is more suited to focusing on one thing at a time and is thus the ideal for classroom time, most children find it difficult to switch off their fight or flight mode as they come inside and get to work.

Applying deep pressure stimulation through the Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad signals to the body that it’s time to switch to that calmer rest and digest mode. So, by turning to their cuddly work companions when it’s time to focus, your child will be able to better control their own body and calm down their hyperactivity. The same can be said for children struggling with anxiety, autism, or sensory disorders. Because these cuddly weighted pals are so soft and friendly on top of providing soothing pressure, children find them calming and enjoyable to hold and pet, soothing away anxious distractions and helping them to put that attention instead to the task at hand. Many parents have reported seeing improved focus and lowered anxiety in their children almost instantly, and you can too! Just head over to today and order your very own Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad – Puppy or Lamb and see for yourself what a difference a little weighted friend can make!

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