To help you make the correct and apt decisions, I will share an updated list of the most ten new Hoverboards made in the USA that do not explode.


Here are ten more hoverboards you can purchase:

  1. Skque X1/l series
    2. Swagtron T580
    3. Razor Hovertrax 2.0
    4. SagaPlay F1
    5. Jetson V8
    6. Horizon S
    7. EPIKGO self-balancing scooter
    8. Powerboard by Hoverboard
    9. Swagtron T1
    10. Segway miniPRO

In 2015, when hoverboards were devised as the toy of the stars, it was a device that was going to be purchased by everyone on the planet. But just as manufacturers were excited about hoverboard’s famous level, hoverboards started exploding.

Most of these devices acquired fire while charging. Some even got light while left alone. Amazon and Target suspended the selling of hoverboards on their links. As an outcome of explosions of hoverboards, there was a vast long spread panic.

A not so safe product, no matter how amazing or how famous, is not viable to be sold to the general public. Hoverboards were on their path back to extinction just as quickly as they acquired popularity.

Well, not so quickly. There was a massive problem with hoverboards. The batteries have been heating too much and getting fire.

But that was not its primary issue. The central issue hoverboards had was the want of a safety standard for the product.

Because of the popularity of hoverboards, many firms, particularly in China, got copies of hoverboards as quickly as they could. With slight regard for the security of the products.

They were only making efforts to meet the enormous demand. Demand was so at the peak that by the end of 2015, hoverboards had made a sell-out of approximately $1 billion.

Since there was no security standard, there was no level for the minimum quality of the product.

Then arrived at Underwriters Laboratory. Underwriters Laboratory has been certifying every single part like batteries and chargers. But this provided no information on how the pieces will operate together.

Underwriters Laboratory launched a new certification for the hoverboard itself named UL 2272.

For this certification, UL tests “security of the electrical drive train system and battery and charger combo, and does not figure out the performance or reliability of these gadgets. Also, it does not figure out the overall safety of the self-balancing scooters.”

As an outcome of these new security standards, hoverboards became less risky to ride. Only hoverboards secured enough for users had the UL 2272 certification, and individuals could always watch out for that when purchasing hoverboards.

In this post, I will be talking about ten new hoverboards manufactured in the USA that are not risky to ride without fear of explosion.

Skque X1/l series

Skque is a firm based in California. In the Skque X1/l sequel, there are ten hoverboards.

All of these ten hoverboards are UL 2272 certified, which implies there is no danger of an explosion while charging or while utilising it.



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