Becoming a lawyer is an interesting and noble goal. And if you want to become one, you have to stay committed to it. And remember, it is not for the faint of heart. Most professors use the Socratic Method in teaching which means that law students have to read the assigned materials ahead of time so they can answer all the questions of the professorduring the recitation. If you want to become a lawyer someday, keep reading below.

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Complete a Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational requirement to be admitted in a law school. Some of the common undergraduate majors for prelaw students are business, English, journalism, philosophy, and political science. Make sure that you are ready to study law. If you are not, at least try enrolling in the first year of law school, and see if it is the right choice for you.

Pass the Law Admission Test

Pass the law admission test, which is a pre-requisite for admission to the basic law courses which can lead to either Juris Doctor Degree or Bachelor of Law.

Apply To Different Law Schools

Apply to different law schools once you have your scores at the law admission test. Make sure that you do your research first so you have an idea which school can give you the best education that you deserve.

Work Hard

So now that you are now in law school, you have to work hard to keep your grades up. It is better to enrol in a top tier school but it won’t assure you of passing the bar examination after graduation. It really is up to you. Have good study habits and always believe in yourself that you can do it.

Take the Bar Examination and Pass It

Study hard for your bar examination. The degree of difficulty is different for each state especially in the US. There are review centres that can help you if you are having a hard time studying at home. And by this time, you have to know which type of lawyer you will be. You can work in a law firm that offers no win no fee services. So what is it all about? It is when your client will only pay the cost when you win the case.

Take Your Oath and Practice Law

You have to take your oath before the SC justices after passing the bar examination then it is time to practice law. Then it is also the time to look for a job that you like. Law firms have different requirements so make sure to accomplish them. Make sure to be ready before your interview so practice every day. Wear an attire that will impress your employer.

A career in law will challenge you. It will take a lot of skills such as attention to detail, creative problem solving,perseverance,and logical to be at par with other lawyers out there. Apart from this, you need to have good communication skills in terms of both speaking and writing.


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