Usually, presents, cakes and food are the eye candies of your little one’s birthday party. But it’s also essential to have exciting and fun games to keep kids and kids at heart entertained.

However, listing down games might be easy, but it requires a bit of technicality and effort to make each one of them successful.

We talked to party planners to list down their preferred birthday party games that are simple and very fun to do! Before you proceed, there’s one rule for birthday party games; everyone should have fun!

So, here are the five simple, but fun-filled birthday party games you must do at a childrens birthday party!

The Classic Sack Race

The sack race is one of the go-to games in birthday parties and on other occasions, and even at summer camps. For your kid’s birthday party, you need 3 to 4 burlap sacks or an unused large pillowcase for each participant. Also, you can hold a relay race if you have a few sacks available. The rules are simple; whoever hops the fastest and reaches the finish line first is the winner. The rules also apply the same to the relay race.

Adventurous Treasure Hunt

The scavenger hunt is also very similar to Easter Egg Hunt, but it’s equally fun for a childrens birthday party. You can set up an exciting theme such as cartoons or movies to pump up that adventurous vibe for all participants. All you need to do is wrap numerous items and hide them somewhere that’s not too hard to find. Create a mini-map and write a riddle for participants to read for clues. Whoever finds most of the hidden treasure wins an exciting prize. The hidden treasures can be a token, a plastic gemstone, a silverware or a toy. The participants can be individual or grouped.

The Wacky Wheelbarrow Race 

Wheelbarrow races are very fun and exciting. This game is played in pairs with the other person playing as the wheelbarrow with their face and hand on the ground. The other person must hold the legs up and serve as the guide in the pair. The wheelbarrow must walk using their hands while their guide holds and steers them across the floor. Usually, the top 3 pairs who crossed the finish line get the prize according to their rank.

The Traditional Piñata 

Birthday parties aren’t complete without a piñata. But gone are the days for the classic donkey-shaped piñatas. Kids these days’ love to beat different colourful characters to get the treats inside.

For kids not to hesitate to beat it, design it after a cartoon villain. There are thousands of designs you can choose from online. There are DIY piñata designs that you can make at home if you want to save on money. To prevent accidents, hang the piñata about the height of the head. Have all participants queue in line at a safe distance. To play, players are blindfolded and spun around gently a couple of times before they get a chance to hit the piñata with a stick until it breaks open.

Balloon Burst

One of the all-time favourites, balloon burst, is very simple to play. The participants only need to bop a balloon while background music is playing. Once the music stops, whoever was the last to touch or bop it must pop the balloon and read the piece of paper inside. Written there is the challenge that the participant must complete; otherwise, the participant will be eliminated from the game. The challenges can be physical tests, trivia questions, or funny dares that the participant must complete. The more the balloons, the longer the game. The last remaining participant who either bopped the balloon or completed the challenges is the winner.

Final Thoughts

Birthday party games are sure-fire going to give your kids amazing childhood memories full of joy and laughter. You can list down a game or two from this post, and add more twists for more excitement.


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