Winter is here, so everything is gonna be dry. When your skin tends to lose its moisture in this season, so same is obvious for the flowers, right? Fresh flowers in the house, or in a flower bouquet, are sure pretty and beautiful to look at, and that is why people still send flowers to their loved ones. Why do you think is the flower business is blooming to date? Flowers are indeed beautiful and all but till the time they are lively and fresh, right? They tend to lose their beauty once they start losing moisture, and replacing them weekly can be costly and effort consuming. That is why modern flower lovers are looking for alternates, and one such alternative is dry flowers. No, I’m not talking about buying dry flowers, I’m talking about fresh flowers that dry up. I know you must be thinking that flowers lose their beauty after drying is a well-known fact, but trust me, not all flowers dry up the same. Yes, some flowers age beautifully. 

Well, Dried flowers have their own charms, they give a classic look to the decor. So, this dry season, why not beautify your home decor with dry flowers. Here is a list of flowers that will keep up the good work even after drying, I mean, will dry beautifully.

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Let’s begin the list with a plant that not only bears flowers that are phenomenally pretty, but the plant is a medicinal too. But today, we are not talking about the medicinal properties of plants. If this plant is still on the list, it is simply because the flowers of yarrow dry up beautifully. The yarrow is an ideal flower to dry is because of its sturdy stems. On top of it, the petals of this flower don’t change its color as they dry up. The right time and method to dry up this flower are just before they are about to turn brown when the bloom is open. Just then gather them and hang them in a dark and dry but ventilated place. They will be ready in about two weeks but check them regularly. 

Guardian Lavender 

It is a summer-flowering plant, so that makes it an ideal dried flowering plant for winters. Not only are lavenders pretty when they are fresh, but they retain their beauty as well as scent even after they are dried. For that, harvest the guardian lavender just before they are about to open completely and strip off the leaves. Gather them and tie with a string and hang them upside down in a dry place that keeps them away from the sunlight. Oh, that doesn’t mean that they are barred from the air as well. The air circulation should be proper. Just keep a check on the moisture level, it should be high. If so, you might have to use a dehumidifier to reduce the risk of mold. Your flower sticks will be ready within a few weeks. 

French lavender 

Here is another species of the lavender that made it to the list. Well, lavenders maintain their color even after drying as well as its scent, so it becomes one of the must-have dried flowers throughout the year. To prepare dried lavender flowers, wait harvesting them until they are fully open. Cut the flower from low on the stem, and gather together to tie and hang up in a dark and dry place, but make sure the place has good ventilation. In about ten days, the flowers will be ready for display. Plus, you get one more advantage with dried lavender flowers, and that is, they can be used in infused room oils, candles.


I know it is not exactly a flower, but eucalyptus is a perfect option to add greenery to any flower arrangement (dried or fresh). You don’t even need to take it out of the vase to dry it. Yes, it’s that simple to dry eucalyptus. All they need is good air circulation. Also, you can add this green plant for its fantastic scent. So, buy some stems already. If you don’t find these flowers at the local florist in Jaipur, feel free to go for online flower delivery in Jaipur.

These are some flowers (plants too) that you can use even after their life and beyond. So next time when you are about to raid your florist, Look for these flowers.


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