Sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destinations itself. If you hold such an opinion, then you simply need to step onboard on any of the luxury trains in India and be ready for an incredible vacation. India is magical with some of the most beautiful landscapes, sites, culture, heritage and experiences. These specially-crafted trains are inspired from the royalty and besides offering some of the best vacations offer experiences of India that are to be cherished lifelong.

Rajasthan Tourism started the first luxury train, Palace on Wheels. Following the footsteps of the pioneer, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Maharajas Express, Deccan Odyssey and Golden Chariot began their services of luxury train tours in India. Each of the trains has its distinct character and its own crafted journeys. While the common thing about each of the train and its itineraries is that it introduces India like never before. Covering colourful cities that present the country’s opulence and charisma, each of the train itineraries is unique. Each of them presents India in a new light, especially its ancient glory in addition to some of the modern pleasures.

The irresistible highlight of India luxury train travel that you just have to step inside your cabin and enjoy the comforts while you are comfortably taken all over India. You sleep at one destination, awake at another without the hassle of packing, repacking checking in and so much. The train is equipped with lavish cabins with en suite washrooms, comfortable furniture and regal décor. On-board the luxury trains, there are multi-cuisine restaurants, bar, lounge, spa, souvenir shops, observation coach to enjoy the views and other amenities. The halts of the train journeys include interesting sightseeing excursions. Come across magnificent architecture, historic tales, sites that are enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage and so much more. While you are sightseeing, indulge in lavish lunches & diners, Hi-tea, shopping, pampering spa sessions, folk performances and amazing culture.

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Here are some reasons to opt for luxury train travel in India

  1. Experience India like never before

If you want to experience the best of India then the luxury trains have a way to have the best. Each of the journeys is crafted to enjoy the ever-changing landscape. Indulge in the pampering of the world-class facilities, royal interiors, and travelling like a king or queen on-board the opulent train. Far from the hustle-bustle of crowds, hectic travel and chaos, this ensures a memorable way to experience India like never before.

  1. Travel in royal style

Inspired from royalty, the luxury trains in India lack none of the regal pleasures. From interiors that have lavish furnishings, ostentatious chandeliers, paintings and décor from the royal India dynasties and era to facilities to the personal hospitality of attendants, travel is a royal delight. While you sleep like royals, you get to dine like them and even the excursions are fit for them. Red carpet welcome to

  1. 5-Start Hotel Ambiance and Facilities round the clock

Indian luxury trains are designed in a way that it is a 5-star hotel on wheels. Cabins are designed like the best of 5-star rooms with ensuite washrooms with top-notch amenities. Additionally, there are multi-cuisine restaurants, pubs, lounge, library with an ancient theme, souvenir shop and more. Also included are safe travel features such as security and doctor-on-call at next nearest station, etc.

  1. Feasts every night with delicious cuisines

Train travel is made all the more special with feasts. The onboard restaurants are colourful and trendy. Coloured fresco ceilings, wall lamps, and window-side seating to see the outside while you dine /lunch.

  1. Extravagant and Traditional Welcome at Stations

Besides the journeys and the amenities, luxury train tours in India are endearing as everywhere you go, you get red carpet welcome. With traditional aarti, vermilion, the garland of flowers and traditional greeting you are welcomed on board. Even the halts are interesting as the traditional, culture and heritage of the stops are also celebrated with folk dance, music and traditions.


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