Coloured contact lenses are amazing for anyone looking to bolster their look and enhance their natural eye colour. Believe me, wearing coloured contact lenses Australia will absolutely make you look gorgeous, and you would look completely natural.

Although a huge number of people are using coloured contact lenses, the majority of the users think that because of coloured lenses they cannot use makeup. Well, on the contrary, you can easily use your makeup kit to the fullest even with your coloured contact lenses. Don’t worry, we will guide you how you can do that.

And you must have felt that with coloured contact lenses you have more freedom like you can enhance your appearance, and your vision wouldn’t be restricted as it is with the sunglasses. Also, there wouldn’t be any need for raising your sunglasses every time you have to focus on something.

So while you are enjoying the awesomeness and freedom of coloured contact lenses Australia, read our tips below to find the best makeup practices. We will make sure that you do not have to tone down your makeup routine just because you have got yourself coloured lenses.

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Buy makeup products that are made for your coloured contacts

Did you know that there are makeup kits available to use for coloured contact lenses? These makeup kits are made especially for coloured lenses as they do not have the elements that would naturally harm your contact lenses and your eyes in the process. Your retail shop dealer or the online store you buy from will help you out with the right makeup.


Discard products and change them

Sometimes your makeup products or cosmetic products are hazardous to your eye health. If the pain and irritation do not go away by changing your contact lenses then the issue has to be with the cosmetic item. Make sure to discard them away and buy from a new brand. Different brands usually use different elements to make the same product. So changing the brand can help you with your eye health and the use of coloured contact lenses.

Never share your cosmetic products and your Coloured lenses

Sharing is caring may be but sometimes it causes more harm to the health than it gives benefits. That is obviously the case with your cosmetic products and specially your coloured contact lenses Australia. Sharing products such as brush and mascara that come in contact with the eye should not be shared at all cost. Sharing could transmit eye diseases and particles from one person to another. Also, never share contact lenses too.

Keep your makeup tools clean

You have to keep your makeup tools clean after all. They will come in contact with your face and eyes so they need to be wiped clean from any bacteria and particles. You can purchase a cleaning kit for your makeup tools and clean them every once in a while so you keep away harmful particles away from your eye and contact lenses.


Try Coloured Contact Lenses

Now that you have learned how to keep your eye contacts clean and safe while applying makeup, why not try some coloured contact lenses? There are different types of coloured contact lenses available on the market.

Such as the opaque and enhancement tints, all depending on the natural colour of your eyes and skin tone. Dark coloured eyes will always need opaque tints to change the eye colour and look beautiful as enhancement tints only work for light coloured eyes. So if you have light coloured eyes why not use enhancement tints to sharpen the edges of your eyes and enhance your look.

There are loads of options available and now that you know that you can use your makeup kit so go get beautiful.

Put & take out your contact lenses in before you do your make-up and before you wash it.

We usually advise putting your contacts in before you do your make-up to steer clear of your eyes watering. Take extra care when using certain products such as loose pigment eyeshadows that may fall into your eye. keep away from putting products such as eyeliner along the lash line as product will easily be transferred into the eye. Also, take out your contact lenses before you wash the makeup.

Try daily disposable Coloured contact lenses

Daily contact lenses may be a better option if you wear eye make-up during the day. They can be worn once and disposed of at the end of the day, not requiring a daily cleaning routine. If you do opt for monthlies, however, it’s essential that you clean them thoroughly each day to avoid build-up and potential infections. We recommend a multi-purpose solution such as comfy All-in-One Solution. This impressive formula will clean, store and disinfect your lenses, as well as keep them fresh throughout their entire wearing cycle.


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