Every South Indian girl has fantasized about picturing herself in a bridal outfit. All decked up in a pattu saree, with the added beauty of traditional jewelry and yearning to get married to the love of her life. A South Indian marriage is all about traditional rituals and customs that have been religiously followed uniquely by different cultural groups in this diverse country. But one thing that makes each culture and every religious group come together is the bridal pattu saree.

As much as weddings are about the tradition behind all the commotion of arranging an excellent grand ceremony, the sarees are the attraction on that auspicious day. A new range of wedding sarees is always a winner amongst the ladies. It is an exciting bonus if it is from a traditional store. The internet has created an opportunity to buy bridal sarees online.

Pattu is a common word that is used locally as an alternative for silk. This material is known for its richness in texture and quality and is often woven with sides of pure gold and silver threads, making it all the more precious and elegant. These threads of gold and silver incorporated as borders across the two long ends of the sarees are known as the zaris. Pure zari is a bride’s glory, and it is the embodiment of the bride’s preciousness. Every bride chooses the best pattu saree with pure zari to adorn on her special day.

New collections that do not adhere to the traditional designs and prints can seem trendy to the woman who is influenced by modern and western trends; it adds an extra glimmer and creativity to the numerous customs that South Indian marriages include. But the need to search for variations have come to an end with the new ‘Vivaha‘ collection. It is an entirety of all the famous silk handlooms coming together to create designs old and new in their grandeur and excellence. The most renowned silk manufacturing regions in South India: Kanchipuram, Mysore and Bangalore, are proud and exclusive regarding their quality, texture and patterns. Adapting to new styles can be quite the task, but these manufacturers’ flexibility has dramatically impacted modern trend likes preferring women.

Offline shopping has always been one of the most tiring processes that the bride’s family (sometimes accompanied by the groom’s family) have to go through to find the right saree for her special day. Weddings in South India are considered a grand ritual that serves as an announcement of two families’ unification rather than two people. These purchases that become an integral part of those few days that the rituals are carried out are picked out with extreme care and attention. The color and the sarees’ pattern are selected uniquely to suit the bride’s complexion and figure.

Some traditions have weddings that include many rituals, which sometimes even last up to seven days. Each of these ceremonies in a lengthy wedding requires a unique pattern or print on a saree in certain traditions. It means the total purchase of sarees is directly proportional to the number of customs and rituals in a particular practice.

All of these can be quite the chore when a family chooses to shop offline, which indirectly means that numerous shops need to be surfed, thereby resulting in an excess need of time and energy. Buying bridal sarees online is a refreshing solution to families and gives them time to focus on other important aspects of the wedding. Particularly in Tamilian families, planning a visit to Kanchipuram is an excessive chore carried out as soon as the wedding is finalized. These can now be accessed online, saving a lot of time and energy for both families. Online shopping has made numerous sources available in one space, making it easier for buyers to choose from various options depending on their preferences.

As mentioned earlier, a wedding is essentially a familial practice even though the bride and groom are the facets of attention, love and celebration. When it comes to purchasing outfits and sarees for the wedding, some families also buy and present their near and dear relatives with unique garments to adorn for the wedding. It is considered a consequence of the respect and immense affection and a reminder of the couple’s union. It is also a subtle, indirect blessing towards the new couple for their future endeavors together. After all, the purpose of organizing a wedding is a way to seek good fortune, celebration and blessings from the couple’s near and dear ones.


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