Javascript is one of the most popular languages among the developers’ community. From freshers to experienced professionals, they all tend to go with the flow of this language, which is used to build applications, web applications, and websites. Thanks to the evolution of this whole language, developers have polished and furnished the language and build frameworks for their projects. Among those frameworks and libraries, Angular and ReactJs are on the top of the people’s choice. But, most of the developers are confused and are unable to decide which framework should they use. For freshers, the questions are molded to – which one between both of them is easy to learn? Also, which one of them is more demanding?

Let’s start from scratch and get to learn about both these frameworks and their major differences too.

Developed by Google in 2010, AngularJS is one of the most popular javascript frameworks. By the end of 2016, the Angular team came with AngularJS 2 which was a revised and updated edition of AngularJS. Whereas, React is developed by Facebook and was released in 2013. On one hand, AngularJS is a full-fledged framework, ReactJS is just a library to build interactive UIs.

Although, if you look at Google Trends, you will see that ReactJS has the upper hand on AngularJS. Also, when it comes to popularity, ReactJS beats Angular. But, if you are still confused- which one of them will serve your use case? Here’s a quick comparison between these languages:

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Learning Curve

According to Indiashoppers, angular is a full-fledged framework which requires time and resources to learn and soak the concepts in. There are tons of things and concepts to learn like Typescript in-depth, MVC, directives, modules, decorators, components, services, dependency injection, pipes, and templates. As you get into the advance curve of learning, you get to face concepts of change detection, zones, AOT(Ahead-of-Time) compilation, and Rx.js. The strict coding standards and structuring need time to learn and excel in the field.

While ReactJS is a library that has fewer concepts than Angular. React uses JSX (Javascript XML)- a way of writing HTML into JavaScript. You must know JSX, its components, routing, state management using Redux, and more. Compare it with Angular, ReactJS is easy to learn and is more flexible.

Community Support

Angular releases its newer version every six months- it means 2 major releases in a year. Coming from Google, there have been many major changes since its first release. Also, Angular is having a huge, active community. On the other hand, React is maintained by Facebook and the updates are easier than Angular. Many multi-billion companies like Twitter and Airbnb also use React. So, the upgrades have a major concern of stability which is well maintained by Facebook too. Also, ReactJS has good community support.


AngularJS is used in large web applications like video streaming app or music instrument app while ReactJS is just a library that makes it good for SPA (Single page application). AngularJS is used by companies like Google, Forbes, YouTube, Wix, and Telegram while React is used by companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Airbnb, Netflix, PayPal, Uber.


Look it at Google Trends, GitHub or Stack Overflow, you will see the ReactJS emerging as a clear winner. The open-source community involvement in ReactJS is way more than Angular’s. You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring

Jobs and trends

If you go on Stack Overflow and Up work for Angular and ReactJS jobs, you will clearly see that React developers’ demand is way higher than AngularJS ones.


ReactJS and Angular offerings are completely depending on your use cases and choosing one among both too. Every framework or library has its own pros and cons and so is the case with React and Angular. While React is a library and Angular is a full-fledged framework. Angular might need more of your time and resources and is a bit tough to lean too. On the other hand, React’s learning curve is fast and easier. Popularity wise, ReactJS seals the win and so is the case in jobs. Coming to the crux of the whole article, Angular is a full-blown framework to build large scale projects and if you want to go through long structured coding, then incline towards Angular. Else, if you want to only apply Javascript into some specific parts, ReactJS can do the job for you.


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