If some of the operations in your organization do not go in your favour for many years, it is better to think about it differently and not think too much about it. However, if your motive is to improve your existing processes and your middle management while recording these efforts as part of your ISO 9011 continuous program, you are in the right place.

In this post, we will discuss why it is important to optimize the existing product or process to get better results from your existing vendor processes. It will also help in product optimization services.

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Design Optimization

Manufacturing composite products can be a bit difficult in product optimization services. Multi-layer composite methods must be suitable for all properties to be optimal. We can use the following techniques mentioned below to perform product optimization services in design like Use of computer-assisted designs (AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, CAD, SketchUp), Analyzing cross-sections, Rounding some corners to avoid stress concentration, Thickness adjustment taking into account manufacturing and Study how to unmold it without any problem.

Optimization in Material

We all know it to know some materials and we can recommend the ones you need to optimize your commercial process or a product like BOM(Bill of Material), Prepregs, Proposing alternate materials, Carbon fibers, Basalt fibers, Important Materials, and Resins. All these materials will definitely help you in optimizing your commercial process.

Optimization in Manufacturing Process

In order to improve the manufacturing process, we investigate things like: Quality Assurance or Quality Control program in work, Tools used in manufacturing equipment and processes, Equipment used and replace it with new ones or modify the current ones, Molds, and Methods used for improving the manufacturing processes. All these things help you in improving the manufacturing process.

Optimization in Cost

Will it make sense to go further with the current project? Before that, you need to know about your costs and ROI. That we will consider in this section. These are the following most popular options among customers: savings in labor costs, Material Costing, Full Business Case, Savings on Waste Reductions and Robots and Automation- implementation costs.

Optimization in Product

Product optimization is crucial in all types of businesses. This helps in better profitability and enhance the CAGR of any organization. In this way, you can enhance your return on investment. For improving the optimization in the product used in manufacturing for your composite product, here are some of the techniques: Determining the actual properties of the product, Proposing alternative designs, Calculating all stress issues and various other engineering factors as well and Using FEM/FEA.


In this post, we have discussed why optimizing the existing product or process is important to get better results from your existing supplier processes. It will also help in product optimization services as well. These are some of the optimizations supplier companies are preferring to use in their existing business processes. Therefore, see your current processes and optimize them according to your preferences. If you have any queries, you can contact the procurement service provider with a good reputation for providing quality assured solutions to customers all across the world. They can help you in finding the right vendor as per your business requirements.


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