Summer is a time for outdoor celebrations, for pool parties, on the beach for fun encounters with friends, for barbecue and singing like Giorgi Dann. It’s time to have fun! And today we want to help you prepare the best party this summer and how could it be otherwise we will do it by decorating the place for the occasion and looking for appropriate costumes for this event. You sign up? We are sure so!

Pool parties

With the heat of August, we can’t think of a better way to have a good time with your friends than to soak. It is what you most want! Therefore, to prepare one of the best water parties, we bring you a lot of ideas for your summer events, relaxed, comfortable and fun costumes, and decoration according to the theme chosen for your party.

A barbecue, fun, games, costumes, accessories. We have everything designed to organize an extraordinary meeting for your guests. Either to celebrate your birthday or without another excuse rather than having fun.

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Hawaiian party

One of the pool parties in summer that you most want to do is a party with Hawaiian decoration. Why? Because the costumes are very comfortable and fun and because you will create a particular summer scene. It will only take a lot of suns, a lot of desire and these ideas that we bring to you.

Decorating the place 

You can not miss in your party garlands or inflatables of palm trees, nor flowers for your tables lanterns It will be as if we moved to a paradise island!

Aloha! The most original Hawaiian costumes

We have already decorated your party, and now we have to dress. What do you think about these proposals? Do not miss the flowers, the skirts of straw (short or long), or the coconut-crazy !!

Beach Costume Party

If you can’t go to the beach this summer, don’t worry. We can take her to your pool !! We propose these ideas to decorate your party, with very funny inflatables, and costumes designed for the occasion. Even vigilantes and lifeguards so that there is no accident in the water.

Marine party on the high seas

But if you prefer the marine environment, you can also set your party evoking marine fauna, even pirates and their pets … Arrrg, sailor!

How we like to barbecue

One of the things that make sense of a party and that will make your pool party a success is food and drink. So it is time to prepare a delicious barbecue for which we propose these costumes so gastronomic. We are getting hungry!

And don’t miss a little drink, so you don’t get too hot!

Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Pool Party

It is a perfect day to meet with family or friends to celebrate something special, relax and set aside the obligations of the house and office. It’s a holiday and

This time it will be around a pool

Although the pool is the center and plays a significant role, do not leave beach chairs, lifeguards, tanning lotions, and so on. But you’re not ready to party yet: You need something tasty to eat and replenish lost energy in laughter, dancing, and group activities in and out of the water.

You already imagined the perfect scene

Now we need to implement the plan for what will surely be the most memorable summer party. Let the Avocados of Mexico help you! With their versatility and ability to integrate into various dishes, they may receive both attention and the pool.

Pool Birthday

These dishes for the pool birthday party are perfect: quick and easy to make. And there are other reasons to serve them next to the pool: they are colorful and creamy and are famous for providing a special touch to any party.

Here we offer you easy ideas and recipes to make with Avocados from Mexico that will make you shine like a five-star chef, participating in the party at the same time.

As you have seen, nothing will be the same after you organize one of the pool parties that we propose. Inevitably it becomes the funniest summer event in your circle of friends. So don’t be bored, take your swimsuit, your best costume and get to decorate the place for your summer party and everyone in the water!


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