When we arrived in Jaipur we found many smiles … chaotic and dirty, yes, but, strangely friendly!

After spending two months in India, we do not hesitate to tell you that Rajasthan and in particular Jaipur is a mandatory stop, especially for its bazaars, it was what we liked the most!

What to see in Jaipur?

Jaipur or the Pink City of Rajasthan, named for the salmon colour of its buildings, completely fell in love.

It seems to us a city that is really worth going to because it offers a lot and varied: cinema, palaces, museums, etc.

Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds)

The Hawa Mahal is a palace built in 1799, annexed to the Jaipur Palace, built as a harem or chamber of women.

Its construction allowed women to see through the windows what was happening in the streets, but they could not be seen.

It is also known for the Palace of the Winds, due to the sound created by the wind through its 953 windows, which kept the palace cool in summer.

Enough kilometres ago, we had been dreaming of the Palace of the Winds, with that peacock shape so characteristic. We had seen it in hundreds of photographs and we wanted to have it in front. The jewel of Jaipur.

We have to say that the interior is not especially beautiful, but, on the outside, we are out of breath!

Masmochilaymenosrutina Tip: Since below we hurt our neck from looking up and our mouth was dry from having it open, we went up to the terrace of one of the bars in front where there if we had spectacular views and we could enjoy them comfortably and calmly.

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Practical data Hawa Mahal

  • 100INR Ticket (€ 1.25)
  • Hours: 09:00 to 17:00

Albert Hall Museum

The Albert Hall Museum is the best place to learn about customs, traditions and cultures of India.

We, with exceptions, do not usually visit the museums of the cities but in this case, we recommend the visit, although we do not consider it essential!

India is a complex country to understand and deserves time and love to understand it, even a little, and this place will help you.

You can learn more about the history of henna or the best-hidden secrets of the Rajputs.

Practical information Albert Hall Museum:

  • Hours from Wednesday to Monday (Tuesday closed): from 09:00 to 17:30 and from 19:00 to 22:00.

Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar is one of the five astronomical observatories that were built in India in 1728 by order of Maharaja Jai ​​Singh, a fan of astronomy.

Of great recognition, since 2010 it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Walking around the different constructions you will be able to know the evolution of the shadows that the sun emits and learn basic and advanced notions about astronomy.

You can download an audio guide in Spanish that will guide you on the tour and, in addition, in the different constructions you have information in English so you will not have problems reading the information, luckily it is not only in Hindi!

A curious but not essential place from our humble opinion! In Jaipur.

We visit it on the way to Jaipur Palace, but, we recognize that, unless you are very fond of astronomy, it can be boring.

Practical data Jantar Mantar

  • Standard ticket: 200INR (€ 2.5)
  • Reduced student admission: 100INR (€ 1.25)

Jaipur Palace

Jaipur Palace is a real must in the pink city. It is formed by the palaces of Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal.

At the entrance, you will find a museum about the Maharajas of Jaipur.

We paid the combined entrance to the palace and museum and the truth is that it did not attract our attention and was full of tourists so we could barely see the pieces.

The Chandra Mahal is where he currently lives Maharaja of Jaipur and his family so his visit is not allowed. Mubarak Mahal is the palace that is open to the public.

Within Mubarak Mahal, as soon as you enter you will find the “Welcome Palace” of a beautiful salmon colour where you can take some very instagramable photos.

Crossing this courtyard, you will cross an arch decorated with peacocks and you will arrive at our favourite room, the decoration is impressive! Again with the dry mouth of opening it so much … oh, India, what a joy you give us!

Practical data of the Jaipur Palace

  • Hours: from 09:30 to 17:00

Raj Mandir (Jaipur Cinema)

Go to the movies in India? But is the movie in Hindi? Yes! It also seemed strange to us hahaha but it is a real experience to watch a Bollywood movie in India.

People inside the room live the movie completely; as if it were a concert and the decoration of Raj Mandir will not leave you indifferent.

Many say that Raj Mandir is the most famous, big and ostentatious cinema in India.

The films are usually so long that they have a break of about 30 minutes in between.

Jaipur Bazaars

Wherever there is a bazaar, let’s go head first! We love them, always.

But in this case, those of Jaipur seemed really special since grouped in guilds, you could see the manufacture of their merchandise in broad daylight: streets full of sculptors carving the stone, women sewing saris, artisans molding bracelets, wow! as far as memory reaches us, they are the best bazaars we have ever seen.

Seeing the manufacture of everything that was sold there seemed really beautiful and natural.

In addition, they are so close that they invite you to sit with them to chat, with sounds or with gestures! And spend time while they proudly show you their best pieces, and, why not, they try to sell you some things than others.

Here we buy some souvenirs such as Chai tea or handmade bracelets.

The truth is that we love to buy in the local market and contribute to what we can in your economy.

Galta Temple (or Temple of the Apes)

The temple of Galta was the last thing we visited in the pink city and one of our favourite places in Rajasthan.

If you have travelled a few kilometres through India, the “temple of the monkeys” you will have heard sometime after another, so, we were not very excited on the way to the visit and we have to say that, we were very surprised!

Monet’s abound in the place, as you can imagine.

Travellers tend to give them peanuts so they are swarming around you all the time.

You will make some very cool photos of them there.

We really liked the visit because the temple is in full nature, something that makes us feel total and absolute calm.

Just down the stairs, you will find the immensity of the Galtaji Temple, with pink highlights.

We find it especially beautiful since it is surrounded by a natural spring.

The buildings that you will see there are old and in poor condition, although, in this case, it seems to give them a natural touch and we find it even more interesting, sometimes the reconstructions make us visit!

Practical data Galta temple (or temple of the monkeys)

We entered the temple of the monkeys through the entrance of the city and nobody asked us for an entrance.

However, when leaving on the other side, we saw posters about a ticket that had to be paid, hehehe, lucky ones I suppose.

To take into account: the palace is about 10km away, so the rickshaw will cost you around 400INR (€ 4.95) round trip.

Amber Fort

A visit that you can add in your visit to Jaipur is the Amber Fort, which is located 11km from the city of Rosa and from where you will have spectacular panoramic views of its surroundings.

Built-in red sandstone and white marble overlooking the Maotha side, it is a place definitely recommended for your visit.

This fortress is made up of temples, halls, palaces, pavilions, gardens … it has no waste! An exquisite sample of Indian and Muslim architecture.

We do not want to give you much the historical sheet! That is why Wikipedia is already

If you have visited other forts perhaps we would discard this visit, although, it is something very personal sense, it is a very nice place to visit; the traveller must do his caballas!

Of course, we strongly advise against climbing the elephants that are there, as if it were a circus, in rather dubious conditions.

Practical data Amber Fort

  • Hours: from 08:00 to 17:30 and from 18:30 to 21:15

How to get to Jaipur?

To get to Jaipur, the best transportation will depend on where you come from. The different paths are:

By air to the “Sanganer Airport” which is located 13km from the city centre, which has national flights that connect the pink city with others such as Delhi or Bangalore, among others.

Railroad, an economic and preferred option among Indians.

Jaipur is well connected with other cities such as Delhi, Agra, Mumbai or Ajmer, among others.

As we know that the issue of booking trains in India brings the traveler head, we tell you everything step by step here.

By bus: it has a wide network of services with other big cities, such as Delhi, having buses almost every 30 minutes.

How many days to be in Jaipur?

We were in Jaipur for 3 and a half days.

We really can see it in Jaipur in two full days, if you move by public transport.

We spent more time because we saw the city practically walking and quietly, something we recommend you do whenever you can!

Where to sleep in Jaipur?

gears tv

In Jaipur, we stayed at “Crashpad hostel Jaipur”, in bunk beds in a shared room where we paid 200INR (€ 2.5).

The hostel is great, they have delicious breakfast service, the facilities are quite careful to be India and the staff is very friendly, in fact, we arrived in the middle of the night and they treated us super well and with a great smile.


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