Curly hair is not just a stylish appearance but also a blessing and a different hair experience which enhances your overall personality and make you look dazzling. But maintaining all kinds of hair is not a toy thing, it requires many efforts and managing curls is also a challenging task. Everyone wishes to enjoy carefree hair day every day, but it may require putting some endeavours before making it controllable as all the good things come after several sacrifices.

In order to enhance your curls while protecting them from various circumstances and damages, you too would have to go through some process and protecting and caring your curls. you need to apply good hair care products like aunt Jackie hair products to manage your curls, take care of them while sleeping and avoid harsh routine to keep them safe and healthy.

Aunt Jackie provides a variety of curling products that helps to enhance your curly hair while protecting them from damage. You can also try different methods and techniques to prevent damage and dullness occurring to your curls. follow these amazing tips to look after your curls and protect it from damage while enhancing it effectively.

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Use wide-tooth comb

Curly hair catches knots and tangles more often than other types of hair. Thus, it is important to put some effort to avoid these tangles which makes your hair breakable and rough. Further, always try to remove knots from bottom up to avoid breakage especially in curly hair. Therefore, it will be beneficial for your curls to have been solved by a wide-tooth comb or you can use a wooden comb for effective result.

Get regular trims to prevent split ends

When your hair grows, it grows split end and dead ends with itself which make your hair look damaged and dry. Therefore, it is necessary to get regular trims to prevent the development of split ends in your mane. Trims will also help you to enhance your curls by adopting different hairstyles and stopping split ends completely.

Apply the right product made for curly hair

To enhance your curls effectively, it is mandatory to give it proper care and treatment in the form of right product which has been made especially for curly hair. You can simply use curl-enhancing shampoo and conditioner or can apply other styling products such as gels, lotions, sprays, pomade to make your curl fabulous. Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard is one the best curl enhancing products you can give to your curly strands. The aunt Jackie’s curl la not only improve the appearance of your curls but also make them healthy and manageable.

Integrate a conditioning treatment in your regime

Conditioner plays a vital role in all type of hair treatment as without it your hair condition or moisture won’t last long. Conditioner after shampoo id necessary to store moisture and required oils in your locks which has been removed by shampoo or other harsh treatment such as aunt jackie’s fix my hair masque do.

Aunt Jackie’s Fix My Hair Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque works brilliantly on processed hair and enhance your curls effectively by holding them in its place. Working conditioning after any treatment will be great on your curly hair.

Refresh your curls from time to time

Refreshing your curls from time to time by using a right curling tool which not only invigorates your curls but also protects them from heat, is the best option to enhance them. All you need to do is to choose a correct curling wand or appliance which give magnificent revival to your curls.

Use product cocktailing to enhance curls

You can also use the method of product cocktailing by mixing two products to improve your curls. you can use aunt jackie’s baby girl curls for this purpose which perfectly enhances your curls without making them sticky or crispy. You can blend aunt Jackie’s baby girl curls curling and twisting custard with some other curl defining cream or lotion to use on your curls and improve its conditioner as well as enhance then thoroughly.

All in all, when you have curly hair you have bigger problems as well and to get rid of these problems follow these tips. Just remember on the thing, to solve any kind of hair related issues it is necessary to look for a good hair care routine or products that can be effective on your hair type.


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