When it comes to decorating homes, ceilings are highly ignored parts by most of us. While that is not the case for windows, doors, furniture, walls, floors, and even kitchen cabinets. Every corner of the house is fine-tuned to suit our taste and preference. We spend long hours choosing colors, wallpapers, texture paint designs for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens too. We practically browse through a lot online, plan, budget, and even hire professionals to do the job.

But when it comes to ceilings we simply cast them in white and ensure the job is finished, however, did you know that there is a lot that can be done with them. Here are a few styles, and patterns that you canadopt while getting your ceiling repainted. You can search for “Painter near me” online to get professional helpand advise you on the below few ideas:

  1. A bold red with a black trimming for the Library or reading area that would practically take you away into the fiction story of your book. This highly recommended style is worth a try
  2. A mustard yellow ceiling paint that makes a painted canopy in your bedroom is sure to drive you into the French five-star hotel, it is a classic worth exploring.
  3. An ink blue ceiling story with light blue wall paints adds depth and dimension to any living area, if you want to keep it intimate, then make it a part of your family dining area.
  4. A glossy blue-trimmed step-style ceiling with pearl white walls- this is a great combination for tropical climatic conditions, the outer sunny weather and inner cool paints will give a comfortable feel.
  5. A tent-style striped pattern for those gym areas or loft spaces of the house is an awesome theme to replicate in small rooms of the house. The closed tent feel is sure to take you on holiday mode every single day.
  6. A glossy reflection of tiles patterned on the ceiling gives a dramatic look. Heavy wooden furniture, office areas, commercial spaces are right for this kind of a theme.
  7. Ablack & white chess pattern flooring patterned accentuated with mustard yellow & white stripes on the ceiling will drift you into a retro mode. The typical black & white flooring need not always be boring, it can be brightened up with a pop of bright mustard.
  8. Wooden flooring with a punch of pink or pastel tones is another great option to ideate in your bedrooms.
  9. A striped mural art on the ceiling in the kid’s room would recreate an authentic warmth and coziness that children need the most. It creates a secure atmosphere, something they can instantly relate to.
  10. A black metallic vault painted in the living room exactly below the seating creates a vintage feel energizing the entire room instantly and when there are family and friends seated beneath it, they are sure to shower you with praise.

A colorful ceiling is like storing your Jewellery in a treasure chest, apart from the above, you can browse through different ceiling paint themes. Major architectural magazines, blogs, online videos also have great DIY projects that you can expereiment.

You can also approach professionals, take advice from them to understand what sort of ceiling paint will be suitable, parallelly you can also research online about refreshing ceiling painting designs, colors, skirting ideas, and themes.


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