In today’s date, the most reliable way to deliver products and services is on-demand applications. These applications are satisfying the requirements of every generation of people. You want food. You can get; you want grocery items, you can get; even if you want medicines, you can easily get with the help of on-demand applications. But the potential of such apps is expanding exponentially and now changing the education field as well. Uber for Tutoring Service App is the best example of it.

The on-demand tutor app is one of those Uber for X craze that pacifies the “I need it now” mentality. It is one of the influential players in the field of on-demand applications. This attitude is the Godfather of so many creative ideas of on-demand startups nowadays. And on-demand tutor app is no different.

But how exactly you can create an Uber For Tutor App?

Today most of the parents are preferring to hire an on-demand tutor who can provide a reliable learning method through an online application. This approach helps them:

  • In saving time to find a suitable tutor with the proper specialization to serve distinct needs
  • Provide multiple options to choose the tutor they want
  • Reliable and cost-effective technique

From the above factors, it’s quite simple that the On-demand tutor app is high in demand. Thus, investing in developing such apps will help you in getting many significant benefits. By creating such an app, you can successfully bridge the gap between students and tutors.

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How To develop Uber For Tutoring Service App?

The first and foremost step to develop an on-demand app for tutors is finding the expert mobile app development company that can attend your specific requirements and provide the exact app you want to build. For this purpose, you can take the below-mentioned steps:

  • Google Search:

Google the best mobile app development company. You will get a list of such company that may enable you to get the what you are expecting

  • Vast experience:

Must choose the company that has a well-experienced team in developing the on-demand apps. They should be able to understand your needs and serve you with the best services.

  • Cost:

Last but not least, make sure the company is providing worthwhile services to you. They cost you what they offer. You may compare the cost with other app development companies to check to price.

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Features Of Online Tutoring App Like Uber:

This app involves the three major panels:

  1. Student Panel 
  2. Tutor Panel 
  3. Admin Panel

The functionality or features of these panels:

Student Panel:

  • Login Or Registration
  • Request for tutor
  • Choose the tutor
  • Choose the specific topic or subject
  • Select the duration of the session
  • View the qualification of the tutor
  • Choose the payment mode.’
  • Give Rating

Tutor Panel:

  • Login or Registration
  • Provide essential information like Education, Experience, Expertise Subject or Topic
  • Choose the availability of booking
  • Track the student address
  • Contact student
  • Track the earning

Admin Panel:

  • Works as Administrator
  • Manage the tutors and their services
  • Manage the students and their services
  • Assign jobs to specific tutors
  • Provide a rating system to tutors and students
  • Generate report on total earning
  • Analyze the offered services

Final Words:

With that being said, the app is all around on these three panels. While designing the On-demand tutor app, make sure they all get the best features. You can hire a good company for this purpose. Once you hire an experienced team, the possibilities for your own app development would be unlimited!


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