The 1 Minute trade is one of the common forms of trade timeframe in the trading industry that includes the starting trades lasting just 60 seconds, after which the trader ends it.

The time frame represents the number of times a trend occurs in a marketplace that investors can recognize and use. It reflects the time for the unique elements to be made when it comes to trading: a Japanese candle, a price bar, or a point. It is the time during which a candle or bar is produced, or a location on the line chart is shown by the permissible limit. The longer the time frame, the higher trends in market volatility are more noticeable. The shorter the period, the more noticeable the most recent local trends are.

The 1-Minute Trade

The 1-minute time frame means that a price change of 1 minute is indicated by each candle on the graph. Although the 1-minute trade is pointed to as a “type” of the transaction, you can think of it more simply as a timeframe for a type of trade if you have exchanged in other circumstances. 1-minute trade is a contract with an expiry duration of 1 minute. That indicates that you will glance at the 1-minute chart or a quicker timeline to identify the trade if you are checking at the charts.

The 1-minute trade includes exposing a particular location, receiving a few stacks, and eventually closing down the transaction. Since you are only receiving a few pips in a contract, it is vital to choose a broker with the shortest spreads and the smallest fees. That kind of feature is not yet supported by all brokers, but it is increasingly becoming one of the common features nowadays because of the demand and popularity. From the broker, the trader must pick the correct time frame. There are six time frames on Binomo and these are 1, 5, 15, and 30 seconds, 1, and 5 minutes. The different intervals will allow people to share both short-term and long-term trend information. 

The Disadvantages of 1 Minute Trades

The 1-minute trading technique, with pros and cons in equal quantities, is a two-faceted issue. There are some benefits, like fast results, high winning chance, no overnight risks, and so forth. It has many drawbacks that any investor should bear in mind, considering all these benefits. As for 1-minute trading, here are some of the relevant disadvantages to being aware of:

Massive Trade Costs

One thing about the 1-minute trade is that within a given trading day, it requires the implementation of so many transactions. Every trade generates commissions to be compensated on the platform and spreads. That is to say, fewer commissions and distributed payments are needed to position fewer trades, which is not the situation here. Therefore, as in the 1-minute trading strategy, many trades are included, meaning that a lot of your funds will go to the paying of commissions and premiums on trades, some of which might not be profitable anyway.

Significant Noise in the Market

There is a lot of market noise in the smaller periods that comprise the 1-minute time frame or shorter. It means that prices fluctuate in a couple of seconds and that the study of this information represents a problem. Higher time frame trading helps reduce the noise of the market and improves the opportunity for greater price change. When the course is smoother and the probability of major price fluctuations occurring is greater, it is much easier to forecast the market. It is not easy to anticipate where the price is going to go next and most of the forecasts are likely to be plagued by conflicting adjustments seconds into the trade, even if backed by almost all indicators involved.

Psychological Adverse Consequences

Quick results are provided by the 1-minute trading strategy. This does not come without a penalty, since the trader’s psychology is checked. It is not only a positive thing but also a disadvantage, to spend some amount and win the trade to gain more within 1 minute. This is because it is detrimental to the pressure that comes with it. On the opposite, it is not only a warning but also a trap to invest that amount and lose the entire amount in 1 minute, because the spirit of vengeance, the rage that comes with it, could kill you altogether.


There are different trading types for each trader. Others may trade in charts with lower time frames, while others may look at charts with higher time frames. Trades are expected to complete in 1 minute at a predefined period. Because on your layouts there is no perfect time frame to use, focus on a timeframe that suits well for you. What is appropriate for you depends on how much time you have, and what kind of investor you are going to be. Novice traders are situated for second and minute maps to trade. It is the choice of professionals who pursue long-term investment with a correct understanding of the issue. You need to start behaving like a pro trader, or else you are beginning to destroy capital.


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