Expected mothers need plenty of advice about the basics things they need when their baby arrives. There are a lot of things you should prepare before you bring your baby from hospital to home. For guiding parents on what they need, some necessary things are given below:

Infant Rear-facing Car Seat

First of all, comes the baby safety. Whichever parent’s guide you look through, you will first be guided with baby travelling advice. When you are to take your baby from hospital to home, make sure you have chosen an approved and safe baby seat. Guideparental.com has the best options available. It’s the law that you can not leave the hospital unless you have installed an approved baby car seat in your car so that your baby can leave the hospital safely.


Some parents start to make the stock of diapers even before the baby is born. There are two types of diapers; whether cloth or disposable. It is advised to use disposable diapers as they are more convenient, but in the end, it depends upon you, whichever you find the best. In addition to diapers, you will also be needing a soft diaper changing pad and alcohol-free soft wipes or washcloths.

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Clothes for the Newborn

The clothes you buy for your little one should be soft, comfy and easy to take care of. Your baby clothing should consist of layers so that you can easily take them off when you are in a shop or a warm place. It is important to keep your newborn warm enough but it is also important that your child is not overheated.

As a parent of a newborn baby, you will have to buy lots of clothes as newborns need to be changed at least three times a day. (thanks for reflux and diaper blowouts).

To take a good start, you should buy:

Short and long-sleeved onesies.

seven singlets.

Six jumpsuits.

Three nightwear.

4 to 5 Receiving blankets.

2 to 3 Heavier blankets.

A few hats.

Some pairs of socks.

One pair of booties.

Three tops.

Dressier outfit (if you want to).

Mittens so that the baby cannot scratch the face.

Snowsuit or jackets (if its winter).

Bathing cabinet

Some people find it easier to wash their newborns in a kitchen sink or bathroom basin. But some like to have a designated plastic infant bathtub. You will also be needing some other bathing supplies like baby hooded towels, washcloths, and baby-safe products like baby shampoo, baby soap, baby lotion, baby oil baby wipes, and baby powder so that your little one would be clean and comfortable.

Medical Care stock

You should always be prepared in case your child gets sick. These are the medical equipment that you can use for your little ones.

Digital thermometer.

Nasal bulb for the suction of mucus.

Nasal drops.

Antibacterial cream.

Diaper rash cream.

Nail scissors.

Small bandages.

Feeding the Newborn

The mothers who chose to breastfeed their little ones don’t need much but only nursing pillows, breast pumps, and milk storage bags. If your baby is formula feeding you will be needing at least 4 feeding bottles, 4 nipples, sterilizing equipment, bottle and nipple brush and formula milk suggested by the doctor. Along with these things, your baby will need burp cloths, whether he is breastfeeding or formula feeding.

A Crib for a Peaceful Sleep

It is always advised that for the first 9 months your baby should sleep with you in your room but not in your bed. Sharing the bed with your newborn is dangerous because in sleep you are not aware of the baby lying beside you which can result in the suffocation for the little soul. The best and safest place for your child to sleep in the crib or a bassinet.

If you are that much conscious about your baby staying away from you, you can get a three-sided crib that can be attached to the side of your bed.

Other Things You Will Be Needing

There are some other things that are not necessary but it is always good to have them and you will be needing them on some occasions. These includes:

Baby stroller.

Baby carrying bag.


Lullabies CDs or DVDs.

Rocking chair and a footrest.

Baby monitor.

Rear-facing baby car seat mirror.

Changing table.

Diaper bag.

Fluffy toys.

Bringing the newborn home from the hospital is the most exciting moment. Make it more exciting by making your home ready to welcome the little one.


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