Birthday cakes mean for the birthday person. A whole lot of arrangements right from starting the decorations with the cake cutting event. All done very preciously and with time by the dearest family members. Some of those who are staying in distant place friends do take charge of making all those arrangements. Therefore there is important to bring the fact that cakes here do play the most important role in any case. And considering the birthday of the recipient, it is important to bring the cake that will suit the taste and mouth of the birthday person. In that respect let’s get the sneak peek on some of the special cakes as the birthday gifts.

1.Oreo vanilla cake:

The little one in your house is very much fond of the ore biscuits. Therefore you got an idea of bringing the Oreo cake layered with vanilla. The white frosty cakes with Oreo biscuits do give a wonderful taste no doubt.

  1. Butterscotch cream cake:

Your mother is fond of butterscotch flavour so therefore on her forty-fifth birthday, you got an idea of bringing the butterscotch cake with white cream in the form of little flowers on top. The best is the chocolate caramel which layered most of the cake.

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  1. Gems- Kitkat cake:

It is not only children who are fond of having cakes but to a great extent, elders do love to have that. So on your grandmother’s birthday, you thought to bring a specially designed chocolate cake designed with KitKat boundary from all sides and layered with multi-coloured gems on top.

  1. Chocolate butterscotch cream cake:

Your father has a great liking of chocolate cakes, but this year you got a unique thought of twisting the taste. That is why you mixed butterscotch with chocolate. Infeed the flavour was just outstanding. But decoration also matters a lot that is why you decorated the top of the cake with red cherries and chocolate sticks as well.

5. Creamy chocolate cake:

Chocolate cakes have a special significance when it comes to birthdays. Honestly, you cannot ignore the chocolate flavour as it instantly gives a mood lift. Thus, this year on your wife’s birthday you thought to add something like that which is why you brought a creamy chocolate cake. The best part of the chocolate cake is the small choco chips layered on top of the cake that actually enhances the flavour to multiple times.

  1. Eggless delight:

Your grandma loves to bite the delicious cakes, but she is a vegetarian so cakes have to be specially baked in an eggless form. Therefore, keeping that in mind you thought it would be wonderful to bring a caramel cake with toppings especially made of walnuts. It looks delicious butterscotch no doubt. The round-shaped with white layering all round and the chocolate caramel oozing down from the top. And the upper layer is decorated with chocolate chips and choco sticks. 

  1. Mango cake:

You have a little niece who has been keen to have mango juice during the summertime. Therefore this year on her fifth birthday you thought that it would be amazing if you gift her a delicious mango cake. No doubt she will like the idea more than anything. And the best thing about the cake was the decoration although the topping was entirely done with mango the chocolate layering on top was mind-blowing indeed.

  1. Butterscotch cake:

Butterscotch the name itself says how delicious and yummy it tastes. Therefore on the seventieth birthday of your dearest grandmother, you got a superb thought that to delight her with a butterscotch cake. The crunchy buttery chips on top of the cake layer with chocolate sticks and rolls no doubt gives a sumptuous look to the cake. Therefore it is time for your grandmother to take the bite and feel the taste to the bottom.

  1. Chocolate combo:

Your wife is a great fan of chocolate cakes. She loves anything that is specially made of dark chocolate. That is why on her thirtieth birthday you thought to surprise her with her special dark chocolate cake. The decoration was awesome it had the dark chocolate all around with mini chocolate sticks standing in one line. Apart from that those cherry blossoms also enhanced the taste in a special way. Therefore you don’t need to worry for a single moment that your wife is going to like that by any chance.

  1. Pineapple cream cake:

Your little niece has a special list of favourites and among that pineapple, cakes come the first. Thus, next week she will be turning seventh so you thought that it would be incredible to present her favorite pineapple flavoured cake. It also has cherries decorated with avocadoes on top of the cherries. But along with that you also brought a beautiful water colour set as well.

Thus, these are some of the best top ten special birthday cakes which you can always have for your dearest ones.


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