Listening to music is common to us all, be it any kind of genre. With the progress in technology, it is possible to download and stream music on our smartphone free even we do not need to plug in any Mp3 devices. The high-speed internet has changed the purpose of smartphones and shifted a lot of activities like downloading music on computers to our phones. Hence, it is now possible to download music from free apps available on the market for different mobile platforms, including iOS and Android.

best free music apps

Music Paradise Pro

Customers who do not want to take risks in downloading music illegally can make use of the Music Paradise Pro, which allows only authorized files to be downloaded into a system. This Android app allows you to download copyleft music only from individual sources. What this term means is that it permits distributing the music legally without any hassle. Music Paradise Pro lets you transfer music in a simple and fast manner.

Mp3 Music Download

This is one of the best applications for downloading music free of cost. Additionally, this app is well known for its user interface. It has exciting features like ring maker as well. What’s more, you can put several files for downloading at the same time. You need to write the song name or the artist’s name to download it. If you are not sure, you might as well preview it before going ahead with the download. There is a ‘Download Track’ button through which you can save your music and listen to them even in an offline mode.


SoundCloud may be better known for its live-streaming features, but it can also be used for downloading tracks and independent music files through the Save as Offline option. Although the ad-free version is available for a small cost, the free version is equally good with an only negligible amount of advertisement. You can type in the name of the song or the artist, which is the way to go through any music app, but searching by genre on SoundCloud can be quite an exciting experience as it offers a lot of independent and rare musical finds. You can always trust this app as it has millions of followers and accounts with a 4.4 rating in the Store.


Napster is a new member of the music app club with music downloads for free. It might have started out late, but it already has 30 million songs to offer to its customer. But what makes this app a popular choice is that you do not have to come across any annoying advertisements as of yet. So, you can easily stream and download music and have a smooth experience while doing so. It recognizes your taste in music and suggests similar songs using the ‘music match’ feature. It has spread successfully in 34 countries already. However, you will need an Android version of 4.0.4. or higher for this app to work.

Trebel Free Music Downloader

Trebel lets you download music very conveniently, with all the songs available for download in the app itself. Hence, you do not have to head on to any more risky and illegal third-party sites for downloading music. This app lets you choose from a wide selection of curated music. Customers have the option of playing the songs offline with minimum buffering. The quality that users love most about this app has to be its resource-friendly nature. Even when your phone has little or no battery strength, this app has the ability to work with the same power.



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