In today’s era, most of the people usually don’t like to travel via most of the public transport. This is more prevalent in Asian countries and more specifically on the youth. Earlier, people used to give preferences to the public transport for going anywhere out of their city. If we have to say more specifically, then by public transportation, we mean trains. Trains are amazing public transport. Our parents and grandparents have travelled most of their life via trains. But there are many children and young people today, who have not travelled more than once or twice via trains. There are many people who are yet to experience the unique feeling of travelling through the Railway arrangements. In this article, we are going to tell you about the top reasons why you should travel via train as soon as possible. It also includes online food order in train as well. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

  • Cost: If we compare the trains with the other public modes of transportation like bus, then they are relatively cheaper than them. This is the reason why for ensuring the long journeys in the least possible fare, trains are the best mode of transport. Next time you are going to travel to any distant place with a big group and you want to save a lot of money on fares, suggest your friends about train.
  • Free to move: In the flights, you are generally said not to move during that flight and passengers are also said to use seatbelts and other arrangements while taking off and landing of the plane. But this is not in the case of trains. In this trains, the passengers are free to move about, even during a running one. Moreover, there are no other arrangements that need to be done while starting or stopping the wagon.
  • Comfortable and charming: Trains don’t make any turbulence while running, which makes the things much more comfortable for the passengers. Now a days, trains are made much more comfortable than before. Their comfort level sometimes beats that of the flights also. This is because the railways now have observed the thing that more passengers are more caring about the comfort rather than the cost or price aspect. And guess what, that’s actually true.
  • No traffic jams: This is probably on of the best things about the trains. When we travel vial our personal vehicle, we generally have to face the long traffic jams, which makes the journey a bit irritating. Jams interrupts the going mood of the passengers also. But this is not in the case of trains. They have their own tracks to go, where no other vehicle can come. This makes the train journey more preferable.
  • Food: Okay, so this is the best part about train rides. Earlier there used to be very limited options in terms of the food that were available in the trains. But now, the online food order in train is making things much more convenient than before. Now you can order food of your own choice, whether you are sitting currently in your train or whether you are about to take it. You will be able to order food from your favourite restaurant, which will make the train rides more fun than anything else.

These were the things which proves that why travelling via trains is much more fun than any other public transport system


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