Smartphone applications help users perform various important tasks in their life ranging from watching lesson videos for learning to download the same videos in order to access their favourite content from anywhere. These applications can be pre-installed in a Smartphone or can be downloaded from the Internet and official play stores available on various devices.

Video downloading applications are one type of applications which help users download videos and movies from their favourite social media websites.

There are different types of video downloading applications available on the internet, which have their own unique features. A user can select any video downloading application for downloading videos wherever suits his/her needs and device. Vidmate is one such application which can be downloaded from its official website. Vidmate apps downloading ability makes it one of the best option available on the internet in 21st century.

Some great video downloading applications of all time are listed below:


File downloader

This application can help a user to download any type of file including videos and other multimedia content from any website.  The application has an inbuilt download and search bar which can be used to search for the videos for downloading them. After the video is downloaded, same can be accessed from the download option available created separately by the developers for quick access.



Apart from downloading videos, Videotube helps user convert their downloaded videos from one format to another. The videos can also be converted in to mp3 formats for quick access. One can listen to their lessons and music using the application. A user can even stream their favourite video using the inbuilt media player.


Mymedia downloader:

Mymedia downloader allows an individual to download videos andmovies on their smart devices. The application is very small in size which makes it easy to install even in older devices with low storage or RAM. The option to download unlimited content makes it one of the best video does application on the internet.


Video and media downloader:

Like any other type of media downloader, video and media downloader application allows a user to download any type and format of video from any website. Downloads can be resumed and paused without causing any interruption to the downloaded percentage.



One of the most highly rated video downloading applications on the internet, Vidmate helps an individual to download unlimited HD videos. The application supports multiple websites from which videos can be downloaded. The application also has multi-language support and can stream videos from the website where videos are available. Apart from video downloading and streaming, users can also watch live television on the application. The app streams almost 200 channels which can be saved for future use and modifications.


Out of all the above-mentioned video downloading applications, Vidmate is treated as the best application with maximum positive reviews from users. Moreover, Vidmate apps downloading feature of streaming and storing videos makes it one of the most unique applications on the internet in the 21st century.


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