Just like other digital marketing mediums, email marketing lists do not show results overnight. Most business owners give up on their email marketing campaigns too early simply because they have unrealistic expectations from their campaigns. Email marketing lists are not easy to acquire and even with a high-quality email marketing list, it can take months before you start seeing results. Every industry is different, and every business has different types of customers. This means several factors can affect how your campaign performs. In this article, we will help you understand the factors that can affect the success of your email marketing list, so read on.

Factors That Can Affect the Performance of Your Direct Mailing Lists

So you have acquired high quality and targeted direct electronic mailing lists by either buying them from a marketing data provider such as List Giant or by building them yourself. Before you can start using the list it is a good idea to know more about the factors that affect the success of your email marketing campaigns. With that being said, here are some factors that can affect the success of your email marketing campaigns:

Quality of your email content: While it is true that high quality and targeted email marketing lists are important for the success of your email marketing campaign, you should also focus on the content side of your emails. Even if all the addresses in your email address list are interested in the type of products you offer, they still need quality content to get engaged with your brand. Many email marketing campaigns fail simply because they send irrelevant emails. However, if you have relevant and informative content to offer through your emails, and both the theme and visual design of your emails is consistent, it increases the chance of your email campaign’s success.

Segmentation of email list: Segmentation can make or break your email marketing campaign. As we mentioned in the previous section, the relevance of the content is important for the success of your email marketing campaign. However, if your email marketing list is not segmented based on demographics, buying behavior, and other similar data you can not create engaging content for different types of recipients in your email list. In modern email marketing campaigns, generalized emails rarely show the desired results. On the other hand, creating customized email content for recipients of different segments of your email list will engage each segment a lot more. One example of why segmentation is important is: suppose you run a shaving razor company and your company sells male and female razors. Now obviously male recipients in your email list would not be interested in receiving updates and offers on female razors and vice versa. So, simply put, segmentation is one of the most important factors that affect the success of your email marketing campaign.

Email deliverability to targeted mailing lists: Making sure that your emails are reaching the recipients in your targeted mailing lists is important for the success of your marketing campaign. When sending bulk emails, you risk the chance of getting your emails spammed. Luckily if your emails are bouncing your email service provider will inform you about the reason for your emails being bounced and not being delivered to the recipients. However, it is best to take necessary measures beforehand to make sure your emails do not get bounced in the first place. Some ways you can improve deliverability is by sending emails with custom authentication, giving recipients the option to unsubscribe, and removing inactive recipients from your email lists.


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