Plus500 is a prominent British multinational financial company offering Contract for Difference (CFDs) online trading platforms spanning over 2,000 commodities and numerous financial instruments.

It offers generous conditions, a modern trading system, and other exchangeable features for its consumers. Not only is Plus500 one of the first online trading brokers, but the company was also a pioneer in the foreign exchange and CFD financial business. The Plus500 company has set itself the goal of becoming the industry’s top CFD trading firm.


Plus500 is a leading supplier of Difference Agreements (CFD trading). These financial instruments enable both shorter and longer positions to be taken by individual investors.

A large range of financial products is offered by Plus500. Inventory, foreign currency pairs, Equities, currencies, and indices are among these. CFD trading is a contract in which the price action of the commodity supports the investor. Authority of the fundamental alternative investments you do not even get. CFDs are tools that come with a heightened hazard of financial losses. Revenue comes resulting in enhanced market value changes if the investor takes a long position. If the market rates for safety go lower, short positions produce a profit.

Minimum Deposit on Plus500

The minimum deposit provides the opportunity to initiate investing that you first need to move this amount to your investment account from your bank account. Often it is termed an initial deposit or financing.

At Plus500, the minimum deposit is 100 currency units. They approve card payments and wallets that are electronic.

The Explanation for Having a Minimum Deposit

To cover their preliminary costs related to opening a new account and to assure their productivity, online brokers often need a minimum deposit.

The minimum deposit differs mostly based on the quality of service you desire. The greater the sum you have invested, the greater the opportunity for the broker to sell further and produce huge returns for you. In general, higher minimum deposits correlate with accounts providing premium services, while products targeted at a mass audience typically provide lower minimum deposits to acquire new ones. The very high minimum deposit criteria are commonly correlated with premium services in certain instances.

Plus500 Deposit Fees

Plus500 does not impose a deposit fee and meets most transaction costs for payment. It is perfect because nothing can be deducted from your deposits by the broker. If there are fees paid on transactions when depositing payments into the Plus500 account of the dealer, investors would need to ensure that fees can be waived by their payment providers. They just have to measure the expenditures of the bank/third party for whom you submit the capital charges. 

Methods for Depositing 

Plus500 supports several reliable payment methods when financing a trading account that can be used, such as,

Transfers by bank


A credit card or debit card


Automated Wallet

The clearing of bank transfers can take several days. There are instantaneous deposits for plus500 minimum deposit made by debit cards, credit cards, and electronic payments. Traders can notice the guidance on the plus500 website in the Funds Management portion.

Currencies to Deposit

Each trading account has a base currency, which implies that your deposited funds will be kept in that currency by the broker. Some internet brokers only provide trading accounts in major currencies such as EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, and so on. You may have more trading accounts with different base currencies at particular brokers, too. There are ten distinct base currencies at plus500.

Currency is a trading concern as a currency exchange fee would be paid if you deposit in a currency other than the goal trading account’s base currency. It is probably not a great issue, but something that you should be mindful of. For all purchases on instruments denominated in currencies different from the currency of your account, Plus500 will impose a Currency Conversion Fee. The Currency Conversion Fee will be up to 0.5 percent of the profits and losses achieved by the transaction and will represent the unrealized profits and losses of an open place in actual environments. Opening a multi-currency digital bank account can be an efficient method to save on the currency exchange charge if you want to finance your investment account with a currency different from your current bank account. The account opening at Revolut or Transferwise takes a couple of minutes after which you can upload your current currency to your new account, swap it at increased levels in-app, then deposit it free or cheaply into your brokerage account.

Submission Procedure of the Minimum Deposit 

The particular method of submitting your minimum deposit to Plus500 may differ slightly from the following, but the process includes the following stages:

Stage 1: Open Your Account with the Broker

You can create your trading account online at most brokers. You have to open an account, include your personal information, such as your birth certificate or job history, and there is typically a financial awareness test, too. Authentication of your identification and citizenship is the last stage of the account launch. You have to attach a copy of your Identity card and documentation validating your proof of citizenship for this authentication, such as a bank statement.

Stage 2: Put Your Deposit

You must first log in to your trading account that has already been established and click the depositing application. After this, pick one of the deposit methods assisted by the broker, insert the volume of the deposit, and execute the deposits. One or more of the following may be the deposition methods:

Bank Transfer

It is also termed as a wire transfer. In the deposit application, you have to provide your bank account information. There has to be a bank account under your description. You need to activate a transfer of funds from your bank after that. The broker will provide you with a serial number that you will have to include in your transaction as a statement. It will enable your deposit to be found by them.

Electronic Wallets

It functions like every other online transaction. Skrill, Neteller, Paypal are some of the online wallets. The wallet screen pops up where you need to insert your information (name and password) and execute your transaction.

Credit or Debit Cards

You have to enter the usual card information, just as a typical online order. However, it is necessary to use a card belonging to your name, unlike any other online purchase. In certain circumstances, you will even need to check your card by scanning it and submitting it to the dealer, as with IC Markets. It is the end of yet another anti-money laundering step. Payment by card is commonly the favored and most accurate method to deposit. Some brokers, on the other side, identify a card deposit limit, so you may have to use the bank transfer for a higher amount.

Stage 3: Check the Transaction

It could take a few days for your deposit to appear on your brokerage account, based on the system you have selected. If this occurs, brokers typically send you an email stating that the deposit has been made.


With its numerous attractive features, the Plus500 is an excellent platform. The system is simple to use and user-friendly and has a low trading cost, which is the biggest advantage. But a small problem with Plus500 depositing cash is that it is not customer-friendly compared to other similar brokers depending on trader experience. It implies it is a little hard to find out when and how you have to consider a move. So, before beginning to deposit money, every trader must have adequate understanding.


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