If you are serious about your IBPS clerk preparations and want to crack the exam in one go, you must have a strategy. Without a plan, you will have no idea how to go with your preparation. And, the first step of planning is going through the IBPS clerk exam pattern.

By analyzing the exam pattern, you can get a basic idea of what to study and your approach. Believe it or not, learning the exam pattern can help you a lot in acing your exam. Here are some reasons to analyze it.

Helps Understand The Exam Pattern

The IBPS Clerk Mains exam pattern is quite different from the prelims. To prepare for the mains, you will have to go through the Mains exam pattern thoroughly. The mains paper comprises four sections, unlike the three sections in the prelims. One additional section that you will see in the mains paper is the general and financial awareness section.

Also, the reasoning section is coupled with computer awareness. Knowing the division of the exam will help you to understand the topics you need to prepare for. The duration and marks of each section are also different from the prelims exams. So, the approach to tackle will also be different for the mains.

Focus On Scoring Section Of The Paper

Each section of the mains exam has a different weightage and the number of questions. So, you need to know about each section in detail to make a comprehensive study plan. If you are good in a subject and know it has a good weightage, you can focus more on that section than the section that is not scoring.

For example, general awareness is considered the game changer section. If you are good at recalling facts and numbers, you can devote more time to this section. Similarly, if you find quants very difficult, you can plan to work on specific topics that you understand better.

Improves Your Speed

IBPS clerk is a time-bound exam where you need to have an excellent speed to attempt maximum questions with accuracy. If you don’t know the total time for trying questions, you can’t work upon your speed. The exam’s total period is 160 minutes, but each section has a separate time limit too, which you should not forget.

The sectional timing for English and general awareness is 35 minutes. Quants and reasoning ability & computer knowledge have a time limit of 45 minutes. You can plan to solve the easier questions quickly to give yourself some more time for the challenging questions in the section. Similarly, you can plan the topics that you will attempt first to maximize your chances.

If you know the IBPS Clerk Mains exam pattern in advance, it’s much easier to plan your objectives and reach your goals. Download the official notification to know the exam pattern, and only after analyzing it make your study plan. Don’t be in a hurry to start if you have any doubts about the exam. It’s important to have clarity about the path of preparation you have to take to achieve success.


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